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If service level 14-20 become unlocked, what should they do?

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Give you a XP boost to free xp. For acquiring level 15.


Level 20 should give you a free Albany or some other ship no one cares about anymore. *cue tears for Albany*


Everything else.........no clue.

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Several new features are coming, and I'm happy to see them added this way

for example, historical scenarios. Famous historical battles modified for gameplay, special PvE event created for ppl with historical nostalgia, or just for lulz and earning credit and xp. 


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I completely forgot that these were even a thing until I saw this post.

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Being banned from Random tiers 1-4 except for grinding new lines.

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Rank 15: Advanced 10 Player PvE Modes - As this is a heavily team-oriented series of game modes, not available to regular newbies and extreme casuals.


Consisting of:

- VS Endless Wave Mode

  • 10 players vs 10 enemy ships, randomly chosen, that start at T1, and increase every two waves up to T10, and continue at T10 until all players are dead.
  • Next wave begins once the current wave is down to 2 enemy ships.
  • Ultra-slim possibilities of 10 Yamatos, or 10 Shimakazes, or 10 Moskvas possible.
  • Maximum possibility of 4 enemy CVs in a match at once (a max of 2 per wave).
  • Due to the endless wave nature, rewards can quickly pay out to rival or exceed that of standard Random battles.


- Historic Naval Battle Mode (12 Player Version)

  • Maximum of 12 players taking up the role of the losing side or the underdog side of a key historic battle, with the AI taking up the victorious side or superior military force.
  • AI improved for some rudimentary tactics that would have emulated some of the possible decisions the captains would have made in the actual battle; rather than just zoning for the DDs and cruisers first.
  • Players are randomly spawned into a ship of the same class as the one they chose for battle; so a player who chose Atlanta will be spawned into a random cruiser whereas one who chose a Kongou would spawn into a random BB.
  • Bonus XP and Credits are given if history was successfully changed by the players, also proportional to how many players survived.


Grand Historic Naval Battle Mode (up to a maximum of 24 Players vs AI of similar or greater number)

  • Similar to Historic Naval battles mode, but up to 24 players on the same side and a fully modeled segment of naval wars.  May include cross-server matching for that true international feel, similar to the PT server.
  • AI ships may be more numerous, to fully outfit the opposition.
  • Players are still chosen to fit a role that matches the ship class they chose.
  • A special mode only available when WG feels like throwing the switch and allowing cross matching, if regular servers take too long to fill roles.



Rank 16:  Advanced PvP and PvE Modes


Consisting of:

- Attackers vs Defenders

  • 12 vs 12 (either vs AI or vs other players).
  • Attackers have an initial bonus to concealment for the first 5 minutes of the game, and no base.
  • Defenders start off with land-based fortifications and defenses, and must protect their base from capture.  In PvE, players ALWAYS spawn as the Defenders.
  • Fortifications can only be destroyed, but have far more HP than regular Forts do in Bastion Mode.


- Fortress Command Mode

  • Standard Mode with land-based forts, radar, and a land-based airbase.
  • 12 vs 12 in PvP  /  10 vs 10 in PvE.
  • Forts do not repair, but have high starting HP.
  • Airbase can be destroyed, but they patrol the base and forts with land-based aircraft.
  • Radar pulses its area of coverage every 15 seconds, temporarily revealing any surface ship for 2 seconds, rather than be continuously on.
  • A random player either in a BB or CV is designated as a Commander, and can request air support from the airbase in the form of fighters for AA cover, and can command them to guard themselves or another teammate (such as a DD advancing as a scout).  They can also designate the priority targets for the base's forts.  If the Commander is sunk, there is a 5 minute delay until the next highest BB or CV is chosen as a Commander.  If all BBs and CVs are already sunk, it goes to cruisers.


- Flagship Mode

  • 12 vs 12 Mode
  • On each team, one player in a BB is initially designated as the Flagship.
  • The Flagship of the enemy team is unknown until sunk.
  • The Flagship status grants a bonus to accuracy and detection range to up to 3 other teammates working alongside the Flagship (10km radius around Flagship).
  • The Flagship can call a ONE-TIME off-screen air support in the form of a wide-area torpedo bombing run (set as a drop line that can be manipulated; air-dropped wall of torps).  The planes can be shot down by enemy aircraft and AA as they approach.
  • The Flagship can call a ONE-TIME off-screen air support in the form of a wide-area dive bombing run (giant ovoid drop area).  The planes can still be shot down by the enemy while they're en-route to the bomb point.
  • The Flagship can call off-screen air support in the form of fighter escorts for two ships at once, and redeploy them around the map for the duration of their flight time.  2 minute escort duration.  Unlimited requests.
  • If the Flagship is sunk, it takes 5 minutes for another Flagship to be redesignated.  During that time period, morale of all teammates are lowered, temporarily resulting in lower accuracy.
  • CVs cannot be the Flagship.  Priority goes BBs -> CAs -> CLs -> DDs.  Based on who's left alive.
  • Torpedo and Dive Bomber air support is limited to once each, per match.  So if a Flagship used theirs prematurely, that's it for that match.
  • Damage dealt to friendlies from careless bomber requests DO count against the Flagship player.


- Fleet Battle Mode

  • Special 24 vs 24 or 36 vs 36 mega-battle mode.  Available in both PvE and PvP options.
  • Only available when WG is not running other special events on all servers.
  • Cross-server matching, similar to PT server.
  • Maximum of 3 CVs per side.
  • Special MM; starts off with a +/-1 spread, then gradually increases to +/-2 after 10 minutes.  CVs excluded; instead start off at +/-0, then increases to +/-1 maximum.



Rank 17:  "Good work grinding up to here, Rank"

  • +2000 Doubloons
  • +30 Day Premium Time
  • +20 All Signal Flags



Rank 18:  "Good work grinding up to this Rank too, Rank"

  • +1M FXP
  • +10 All Ship Modules (Includes Exotic/Rare Supercontainer or Special Mission-only Modules)
  • +20 All Ship Consumables



Rank 19:  "19th Rank, 19 Point Captain."

  • Special 19pt Voucher that can be used one-time only, on any captain of choice, to max to 19 points.
  • +10 Captain Slots.
  • +20 All Signals.
  • +1 Permanent Flag w/ +100% Captain XP gains.



Rank 20:  Titan Battles

  • Special TXII-only battle mode.
  • 12 vs 12 PvP  /  7 vs 7 PvE.
  • TXII consists of titanic battleships such as H44, 8-gun A-150, some 8-gun 510mm Russian BB, and other unique titans such as super CV USS United States and tiny but mighty warships (unnerfed Long Lance Shimakazes and Kitakamis for example).  There will be some balancing amongst the big guns, and no 16x18" fantasy designs.  Also balancing limitations for super CVs.
  • Full range secondaries with built-in +60% accuracy (Manual Secondaries only increase it to 80%) and AA unnerfed (full range, increasing auras of effectiveness, no superior single mounts over quad mounts).
  • Long Lances disappear from detection 5 seconds after being seen if not kept lit.
  • Maps have land-based forts and airbases helping/hampering both sides.
  • Catapult Fighter duration for all ships default at 5 minutes
  • Catapult Scout duration for all ships default at 3 minutes.
  • All TXII ships have Repair Party, with battleships having super Repair Party.
  • All TXII ships have Radar and German-level Hydro; but they DO NOT see through islands; instead Radar duration lasts as long as German Hydro.
  • All TXII ships have AADF.
  • All TXII destroyers and select cruisers have CBT Smoke.
  • All TXII have approximately realistic maneuverability.
  • Larger maps.
  • Equally Titanic Repair Costs.
  • Permacamo available in regular (Nation-themed) and Time (New Years Graf Spee camouflage) options.  Time-themed simply because these titans never existed in this time period, and not even in the game's time period.
  • Special TXIIs only available for research and outfitting after fully researching a specific class line.  IE:  Fully researched the USN CV line for CVA-58 USS United States.
  • Cool 1

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