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Finally had a good game in the Ryujo 200+Dmg

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Being new to cv's and having a real hard time playing the IJN CV's, with average dmg around 50-70k I finally had a pretty good match with the T-6 Ryujo. AT least for me, for some of you this may be a normal days score, but I was proud to achieve it.  


Some things I will point out. The kills were only at 3. Reason for this was once I lowered an opponents health I didn't wan''t to waste another drop on such low health just to get a kill. I was trying to win this game and doing max was the goal.  Also the match went down to the last 20 seconds with them in the score lead by 10 points with two caps and all our Bayern had to do was step into a cap to stop the clock a minute earlier but they couldn't grasp that concept.

Another thing is, you can see the US cv was running a strike loadout and was probable even newer to the game than I was. But hey a win is a win and I was happy to finally have a good game.  


Sorry no replay " still have to enable them" and these were the only screenshots I took. Thanks for taking a look


Oh and the penalty was a team mate rammed me... not sure how the could not see the huge carrier they were about to run into but it is what it is






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Something I can only dream about...


I always seem to get teams who can't/won't keep annoying trolls away from me so I can focus on my business, games with enough cruiser DF to choke a Megalodon, then also enemy teams that all know about and use the WASD hax.


Good job.

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With her 2 TB squads Ryujo, with the proper MM is damn menace, I've certainly had some outstanding games in her, not quite 200k damage though.




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