Its been a while since I sailed my favorite ship, probably a good 3-4 months. Anyways I know people like to disrespect this ship and rightfully so, she requires a captain that knows how to use her advantages, to many times I see them either trying to snipe or yoloing off alone, and worse of all sailing broadside. I made a simple list I believe should help along with a replay to show these points put into practice:   1: Learn to aim because if you can't aim you can't farm damage (granted I was a little rusty in the game posted) Also in between shots look for broadsides, I will change targets several times because I want to hit the best target 2: Situational awareness is very important, blow up that mini-map as large as possible and look at it in between shots. Don't just watch your enemy, pay attention to what the friendlies are doing, see who is on low health or if their retreating, or pushing or where the DDs are 3: Roll with the team, they make for good meatshields but this goes with the previous point, pay attetion to what they do, if they stall their push, then slow with them, if they start to turn and run, be with them because you don't want to be left behind. 4: Angle at 30-45 degrees to other battleships to protect your citadel, sure you will eat damage still but the Colorado has insane heal so use it. I personally focus down cruisers first because I know I can tank BB shells but fire hurts. 5: Hug islands, they are your best friends in this ship, snuggle them like a creepy Otakus snuggles those creepy anime character pillows 6:? 7: Profit   This was a replay from tonight, the current build for this ship is AA specific and for modules I use MAM1, AA Mod, DCS mod 1 and DCS mod 2. Captain skills are Direction Center, Expert Marksman, BFT, AFT, High Alert, and JoAT. The Captain is subject to change, I considered going with APR mod 1 instead of AA and for captain skills: Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman, JoAT, Concealment Expert, High Alert and BoS