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Clan wars

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When clan wars gets started i will make or try to make a clan to fight in clan wars, i will pick the name of the clan and the clan pic. ( if anyone wants to join i will consult with them if they want to help pick out the clan name before it gets started and same with the clan pic ).



Now i will make the clan and the rest but i will need some help on a TS3 server i know i will not run it or get one but the person that sets one up for my clan will get to be 2nd or 3rd in command and when we get land they will get first or second dibs at the gold we win. yes they will get more gold then the rest of the clan and more then i will seance they will be paying for the TS3 server.


So if you are interested in this PM me and we will talk.



I do know that this game is far away from it, but why not start early



Sincerely, 62ndAirborne

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