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Hey Everyone,


We will be updating the date of the forum posting whenever we make additions or remove anything from the list, but we will be keeping comments turned off as this is meant to just to update.  

Check back to this page a few days after each update to see if anything has been changed.


Recent additions in Red.  


Performance related bugs:


 - [0.6.6] Client crash when using free camera, if the camera moves outside map borders, but still overlooking the map


Port and chat bugs:



- When clicking the channel window - it shifts to the lower-right corner

- NO_SUCH_DBID in the system message at multiple pressing of "Invite to the Division"

- On Hermelin, the camera focuses incorrectly when viewing the signals

- When minimizing the game window, buttons freeze

- In some cases functionality of creating and editing chat channels stops working

- "Looking for a squad" list may not update automatically for players

- There is no focus on the "Yes" button in the "modernization upgrade" window

- Disappearing reflections of high-rise buildings in the "New York" port

- Casemates armor is displayed for aircraft carriers though they are not there

- Gamma settings slider is not disabled when "Post Processing" settings are off

- Average damage dealt by rear gunners doesn't change when November Echo Setteseven signal flag is equipped

- Small UI elements twitches are possible in match maker or when entering the battle

- Visual armor twinkles when turning on/off camo auto resupply

- Visual armor of the ship is displayed on the other ship during fast switching of ships in carousel

- In some cases, the message "I want to join division" is not fully displayed

- System message informing about ban in team chat is missing

- Active "Battle" button when battle mode choice window is open

- Ships that do not fit the carousel filter requirements may be displayed in the filter

- Chat channel cannot be opened through the player after chat has been minimized

- Messages regarding leaving the division may duplicate

- When changing the name of the channel the channel name is not changed for the second player

- Tier III ships are available for research and purchase in the slim game client

- The ships modules can be viewed via Ship Parameters on the Exterior screen

- The Close button on the post-battle Rank addition window does not fit into the screen

- The port preview icons flicker when selected on the Select Port screen

- It happens that another player's statistics is displayed instead of the player's Service Record

- In some cases, after disconnecting from the server to the Log in screen, the previous window with the authorization error can be displayed

- The Ranks carousel in the player's Profile does not adopt it size when the client window resolution is changed

- The Password field is not in focus when the client is launched with the Save Password checkbox unchecked

- Upgrade bonus for equipment doesn't work if there is no commander on the ship

- In some cases rewards received for account level may be displayed incorrectly in gift box

- Premium shop purchase window can be opened when playing without registration

- Doubloons are written off and XP is credited in some cases when pressing Space in the window for converting XP
- [0.6.6] It is impossible to set "ready" status for a division after it has been kicked from match maker due to operation of the week change
- [0.6.6] Clans rules page overlaps with other UI elements in window mode when default resolution is chosen
- [0.6.6] Clan portal in in-game browser overlaps chat and system notifications center

- [0.6.8] The clan-browser window is closed when pressing Esc
- [0.6.8] Sometimes, the progress bar is over-expanded, which blocks the mission window
- [0.6.8] Players of Level 1 in the Service Record can see the ships that are available only during an event for higher levels.
- [0.6.8] The marker informing about a new available functionality is too small.    
- [0.6.8] The PvE heroic achievements are not included in the number of all heroic achievements.
- [0.6.8] In ship search, the cursor is shifted one character to the left.
- [0.6.8] The Operations window is displayed incorrectly when Operations are not available.
- [0.6.8] The Commander of the Division with a ship that doesn't meet requirements can still press the Battle button.



Battle interface bugs:



- Black background of battle statistics if client was collapsed during the battle

- The button "Battle on!" is missing, when  reentering the client during the battle

- Torpedo marker appears before the arming of the torpedoes

- Camo is displayed with a big delay on low graphics settings

- Blackwash effects (wake) are displayed in binocular mode

- In some cases main caliber guns can go through the superstructure

- Amount of hit modules in the post battle stats screen do not correspond with the one on the main results screen

- In some cases spontaneous main calibers guns or torpedo tubes fixation is possible

- During the battle some UI elements may disappear in some cases

- Lost airplanes destroyed by an enemy fort are not displayed on post-battle statistics screen

- On Low graphics setting list of destroyed ships in the battle results screen is hard to read

- In some cases in post-battle stats in "Detailed report" tab ships that haven't been damaged may be displayed

- Damaged modules icons flicker when switching between post-battle stats tabs

- In some cases capture areas are not displayed on mini-map during battles

- For large values of the air defense aura range values do not fit into the battle tip

- Hydroacoustic Search hint values are not rounded when the Vigilance skill is mastered

- Help text hint is twitching when changing minimap transparency

- In some cases if there are enemies in the capture area base capture timer may disappear

- The player still can send attention to a square on the minimap by double-clicking it after reentering the battle provided their ship was destroyed

- In some cases enemy base capture timer is not updated

- In some cases aim lock is not displayed on a minimap

- Forced torpedoes reload icon is displayed when main caliber guns are chosen

- Capture timer is displayed for a short period of time after an area has been captured;

- The timer of a consumable delivers incorrect values after re-entry to the battle;

- If a player gets into battle too late, the cyclone timer continues to display the cyclone approach time even after the cyclone effect has already kicked in

- There is no indication of a target lock on the Tactical Map

- In certain cases, two reloading notifications are displayed.

- Commander is unable to dismiss a division after getting back in battle (re-login)

- The battle chat is not disabled when clicking the corresponding button

- The camera may keep moving in the same direction when pressing W and Esc simultaneously after being destroyed

- The weather change icon of may appear after being destroyed

- [0.6.5] In some cases minimap circles distance numbers may be displaced

- [0.6.6] Operation name is incorrectly displayed in post-battle stats for Aegis and Raptor Rescue operations
- [0.6.6] Incorrect operations names in replays
- [0.6.6] After reopening "Defense of Naval Station Newport" operation control point moves outside the base
- [0.6.6] After rejoining a scenario battle, operation description on the loading screen is displayed as technical text
- [0.6.6] Switch to third person view camera happens in case several aircraft groups are chosen via Shift with free cursor

- [0.6.7] "New Level" is not displayed in after battle statistics

- [0.6.8] When you shoot allied aircraft down, the ship that was carrying them is not displayed in the post-battle statistics screen.
- [0.6.8] In Operation Dynamo, markers of mines that were near the ship before disconnection cannot be seen after reconnection.
- [0.6.8] After reconnection, the Division chat is not available.


Ships bugs: 



- [PGSC103_Kolberg] Incorrect axis for turn side choice for 3rd main caliber turret

- On some ships, the camera goes through the superstructures when touring modules

- On some ships, the flag hits the superstructure

- On some ships at low settings the national flag and lifeboats are levitating

- Tachibana: In max close up in binocular view camera can touch water

- On Akizuki torpedoes may cross torpedo guns when launching

- [PASB017_Montana_1945]The camera's point of view passes inside the hull of the ship when exploring Montana



Map bugs:



- On the Estuary map shadows from hanging objects are displayed incorrectly
- In the Port, edges of the ship shadow are displayed as flickering lines


Other bugs:



- Interface turn on/turn off during battle leads to the worsening of the quality of consumables icons
- Accelerated reload of Torpedo tube does not work with selected MC
- You cannot lock the angle MC by pressing Ctrl + X when you hover the aim over map border

- In some cases in St. Petersburg port there may be lighting under the ship

Shifting to ship from the Tactical Map by pressing the space bar is unavailable

The right Alt key is bound as Ctrl 

- The game client window appears behind another window when minimized with Win+d 

[0.6.6] Hint for voice chat transition mode does not change when this mode is changed


Audio Bugs: 


- [0.6.6] Port music theme is not played when clan portal is opened in in-game browser



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