Welcome to The Farquaads   Who we are: We're a pretty good clan of about 30 people looking to grow and win. We're pretty laid back but want to win. Most of us are on a lot and looking to division.   Clan Port Bonuses: Docks (-10% servicing cost for): DD Cruisers BB CV Boathouses (-10% of cost): Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Research centers (+3% XP per battle): US Japan Germany Russia UK France Pan-Asia Up to 40 clan members   What we're looking for: We're looking for members who are fun-loving and who want to win and improve. Those who join should be willing to play quite a bit and join the discord for easier communication. Those who join also have a good opportunity to move up in the ranks.  We like to division a lot so, if you join, you'll almost always have someone else to play with.   Requirements: Warships.Today Rating over 999 (How to check: https://na.warships.today/) Win rate over 50% Use of Discord (links below) Good communications A will to improve and win   How to apply: Just message me Apply to the clan Post on here and we'll get you set up.   Join us if you're looking for a good time. Thanks for checking us out!
    We also have a discord server for voice communication and for just generally hanging out. Come join us and introduce yourself: https://discord.gg/zRwJRBf Everyone is welcome to the discord!