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A bit of bragging :)

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I got my new best Izyaslav game - 117k damage and a Kraken :trollface: This is just about 100k higher than server average damage for Izyaslav lol


Oh, I was having such a bad play session last night in my battleships. Not sure what's going on on top tiers, but the amount of taters is just too damn high. So, anyways, I decided to take a break from it and play something I know I can do well in - my mighty Izyaslav and then after 3 games managed to get an WTR of 3100 and given that the other two games were not quite as good as the first one... yeah.


Actually, second and third games were fun as well, especially the last one where in the very beginning of the game I got gang-[edited] by a team consisting of Minekaze, V-170 and Derzki, which left me on barely 10% health and then during the next 10 minutes I managed to catch each and every one of them alone and sink them all from practically full health. I might upload that video later too. 








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Nice game :) I'll have to watch the video this evening though. 


You and I are slot alike. When my day just isn't going well I drop down into my izy as well. Can. Basically guarantee 50k damage in it, if not more with a couple of torp strikes ;) 

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