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USN CVs Needed AS Buffs?

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With the skill reset, my 13 point captain for Ranger suddenly got a lot more powerful.


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Played 2 matches of 2/0/2 Ranger so far.


My first match today:





It was a loss, but I still got a Clear Skies award. This was mostly due to the enemy Ranger not knowing how to play the game, and spent all of his time trying to snipe me out. Except he was in 2/0/2 Ranger as well...


And my second 2/0/2 Ranger match:






This time, against a 2/2/2 Hiryuu. This guy knew what he was doing, divved up with an AA Gneisenau (likely) and had strafed back at me.


Did it matter? Nope. 52 planes shot down along with almost 60k damage. And I got a DoT stack on the Hiryuu as well. I sunk the Nagato with a DoT stack.


WG wanted to buff USN AS builds? Well I would say you succeeded in that matter.

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