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Free Spee; Paid Tirp...

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Choose to go the 'Earn the Graf Spee' route; and sweated bullets over finishing the Convoy Campaign, mostly because of all the worry put forth by other players here on the forum.


However, all the stages in the campaign included missions based on modded-xp, and base-xp; and after finishing the various 110 bxp missions for the Arpeggios ships in 10-14 days each, I was reasonably sure I could complete the Convoy Campaign.


Let's not discuss the stress level resulting from that grind though... Beyond the burnout perhaps...


First off let me quantify by saying I was blessed with the ability to spend the time neccessary to complete both campaigns. I don't consider myself to be that great a player, but I was still able to do well enough to complete 1-1/2 stages of the Convoy Campaign a day, on average. I know other players did much better than that, and others are struggling, based on posts in this forum.


The Graf Spee campaign was easy enough with normal play, with some of my tier 8 ships thrown in on occasion.


For the Convoy Campaign I started out using Atago, Takao, Kutuzov, (after I received it in Christmas box,) Missouri a very few times, and Akizuki. Stages 1-6 progessed rapidly enough, using the 30k xp mission, the 500k credits mission,  (though it took me on average 5 games to get a 500k credits win,) and either a repeat of one of those, or a single pin mission to get the six pins needed to advance.


Stages 7 and up I switched back to my mid-tier ships, and concentrated on the xp missions instead of the credits mission; pretty much because I knew from recent experience that doing so would be easy enough, just slightly more grindy. (As an aside; I was just being silly in truth; I decided to round the number of games I had in each ship up to the next highest 5 or 10, and used these games to do so. Pretty much the last such game was the last one I needed before the final Tirpitz camo mission, so I guess that worked out.)


Generally my rewards for stage completion were credits, port slots, and captains; the only 'new' ships I earned were Leander and Budyonny...


Leander and Buddyonny... Serious; full on potato derpage happened with those two ships... In general I hated both of them to begin with; and was effectively unwilling to even give them a chance. I played 5 PvP and 5 PvE in each; what I generally do to evaluate a new ship; and concluded both sucked wind; no matter what other players said...


...then I looked at them in port later and realized I'd player the twenty total games WITHOUT installing the modules... No wonder both drove like pigs; with turret traverse that would make a Warspite feel proud.


Derp. Guess I'll have to give them another shot...


Anyway; finished up all the stages and made ready for the last mission.


Earlier; I had examined the various pricings for Tirpitz, and decided buying it in-game with doubloons would be cheaper than purchasing it in a budle; (rightly or wrongly; either way, that's what I did.) Of course this had the added benefits of using one of my currently unoccupied port slots; as well as being able to avoid adding a zero skill captain I would have no use for; especially since a bunch of new ones were added during the Convoy Campaign anyway.


First Tirpitz mission and last game for the Convoy Campaign.




Yeah; it's a co-op mission; but Tirpitz was yet another ship I swore I'd never touch with a 16/L50, so I was a bit surprized I did as well as this, even in co-op.


And as a question to finish up; has anyone else gone the 'Earn the Graf Spee, buy the Tirpitz route?'

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I earned the Spee rather than pay for it, and completed the Christmas Convoy campaign last night (not "with honors", but I got the Tirpitz camo).


It took some intention, but wasn't a brutal, time-hogging grind as I feared it might be.  The 90 days of premium time I got in one of the Santa crates was a big help.  Being able to work 3 tasks at once, plus the added xp earning made the Convoy campaign pretty painless.

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I earned the Spee, I can't afford to put money into this game anymore. I did make it to the final mission for the Tirpitz camo, but I dont and cant get the Tirpitz :( 


I am happy I got the Spee though!

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Had a good portion of  gold from Santa boxes (not a lot of gold, and hardly any premium ships for what I put in though.  Which sucks), so I added a little bit more gold and Got the Tirpitz ahead of time, while it was still on 15% gold discount.



But yeah, I wouldn't have gotten the Tirpitz if it wasn't for the offer at the end of the mission.   Which they say was worth 3000 gold.  (Was basically a different camo pattern, same xp modifier, but an additional 100% more free xp modifier)

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