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ROBLOX mech ideas

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I'm currently making a ROBLOX game where everything is made of cubes (no, not like Minecraft. More like the 8-bit tanks WG did), and one of the weapons in the game is a walking mech. In its default form, it's basically like a Star Wars AT-ST, except the legs bend normally and the head is proportional, and it's armed with a single-barrel heavy machine gun. While operating the mech, players can use a key press to transform it into its secondary artillery form. This form is actually based off Bastion from Overwatch, except there is a 40MM mortar in place of a Gatling gun. While in this form, the mech loses mobility due to its legs forming the base, and the machine gun is disabled.


Problems arise in balancing it. Nothing short of an artillery or tank shell, or a rocket can destroy it; however, while it's in Arty form, it has a horizontal aiming arc of only 90 degrees (45 from the center) and 30 degrees upwards (minimum is 0). This can counteract the near-invincibility in turret form, so I'm wondering how to counteract it in mech form. Thoughts?

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