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WOWS Enjoyment - Progressing Faster - Currency Model

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Hi All!  Hangglide42 here! - I thought I'd start contributing to the forum with a series that explains to newer players elements of the game structure which (hopefully) will help them with improving their ability to play a broader range of ships at higher tier, participate more efficiently in missions, campaigns (i.e. reap the rewards WG is giving you the opportunity for) and in general get them into a position to participate in the in-game incentive system WGaming uses quicker and more efficiently.  Let me know if you find this info of interest/useful or  if there's any other topics you'd like to see along these lines:

A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides.

In general, I'm planning a series on:

- In Game Currency Model - Progressing Faster or "How to make sure you have enough silver to get & enjoy your  Tier IX & X ships".

- Getting Your Freebies - Pt 1 - How to better position yourself w ships to participate more efficiently in Campaigns  & Missions

  * What Ship, Types/Tiers may be necessary for more efficient completion of Campaigns/Missions

  * Suggestions for what to prepare for to accelerate acquisition of ships (e.g. tech tree branch splits, sales, missions)

- Getting Your Freebies - Pt 2 - Play strategies that can help you complete your missions faster.

  * Suggestions for some play techniques that can help accomplish certain missions quicker

I run a Standard Account and have found these suggestions useful for those on a budget who still want tomaximize enjoyment of the game.  I actually came to the game as a history buff that was amazed at theeye candy & detail that was being presented in this game (I was looking up something on the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal & google offered a youtube link to a WOWS video posted by Jingles....and the rest is history).

This first segment goes over suggestions for new players regarding the currency model in WOWs and suggestions forpreparing for your higher tier ships so you can enjoy playing the entire tech tree without running out of silver and also getting your Tier IX & X ships without a yearlong commitment to playing only 1 ship.


Currency Types

First the Background - WOWS contains essentially 3 categories of in-game currency - they are described below:

XP - In general, XP represents the tech tree unlocking mechanism and is designed to encourage playing a ship for a given period to gain experience before unlocking the next tier in the tech tree.  You can accelerate the process  by using Free XP to bypass elements of the upgrade process for a given ship (e.g. if a stock version of a ship is virtually unplayable, you can use Free XP to unlock the upgrade so you can immediately purchase it)

- Ship specific XP - this is XP earned on a specific ship whenever you engage in a battle.  Note that Random Battles  will give you a much higher XP & silver reward than Co-op Battles.  The Ranked Battle reward structures are in-line with Random Battles.

- Elite XP - if you completely research all the tech tree upgrades (but not necessarily purchase them) for a given ship  and expend your Ship Specific XP on researching the next ship in the tree, any extra XP earned on the ship will be  considered Elite XP.   If you sell such a ship then later repurchase it, you'll find that the Elite XP for that ship is still  credited to you and will show up as XP for the ship.   Elite XP is useful in that it can be converted to Free XP at a 25:1  exchange for doubloons (i.e. with 1 doubloon, this coverts 25 Elite XP to Free XP).  WG also will have a sale on this  ratio where it is bumped to 35:1 at certain times of the year.  Where this is useful is if a user want to 1) Use Free XP to upgrade other ships in your tech tree and bypass the pain of  playing a stock vessel  2) Specials such as the Missouri purchase whose main currency is Free XP (and not many have  750000 of them lying around).

- Free XP - 5% of the XP you earn in any given battle is also awarded as Free XP that can be used for accelerating  unlocking of any tech tree upgrades or ships in the normal lines in the game.  It can also be used for special premiums  (a.k.a. Missouri) as part of the purchase lock (i.e. it takes 750000 Free XP as a "experience bar" to unlock this ship &  1 silver to purchase it).


Silver - The main currency in WOWS - Once you unlock your tech tree elements, you pay for everything you are  required to have in the normal tech tree in Silver.


Doubloons - Or Gold - This is the mapping of real currency you pay WG to this currency mechanism.  Before you  react to this list with a "WHOA, What?" - You are not required to do any of the items in the list below and many of  them can be paid for in the in-game Silver or given to you as in-game rewards for performance, campaigns or  containers instead of doubloons so you can still get the advantages of some of these features w/o resorting to real  currency spend.  It can be used to:

  - Buy Port Slots

  - Buy Captains

  - Accelerate Retraining of Captains (can also use silver for a partial Retraining option)

  - Respec your Captains Skills

  - Buy in-Game Premium Ships

  - Buy Cammo, Flags, Consummables, etc. (can also use silver for auto-resupply, or flags, cammo & consumables

    are in-game rewards for battle performance or container rewards)

  - Convert Elite XP to Free XP (see above)

Now that the groundwork has been laid - Doubloons will be tabled for the purposes of this analysis.   What players will find is that in the early stages of their play is that XP will be the limiting factor to their progression.  To this end, it may seem frustrating that you may have to play a ship longer than you want to but what you will find that as you get tohigher tiers, it will be Silver that is the main limiting factor.

The issue is that at a certain Tier level  (depending on a players skill level), "grinding silver" becomes the currencyelement that will determine how many games it will take you to unlock your Tier IX or X.  With the XP requirement, youcan simply play a huge number of bad games and still unlock the tech tree to ALLOW purchase of your Tier IX or X,but if you try to play that Tier VIII ship, you fill find yourself losing silver on matches unless you're a very good player orat best, it will take you hundreds of games to unlock the next tier ship even if you make some silver.

One note for those who like playing Co-op Battles - unfortunately, the WOWS economy heavily leans toward supporting Random Battles & Ranked Battles.  As such, you will hit this "profitability crossover point" at a very much lower tier if you only play Co-op Battles.

It basically boils down to:

1)  How do you accelerate XP to speed up the long grind (especially getting your TIer IX & X)?

2)  How do you prevent hitting the "Silver Wall" which makes the purchase grind interminably long or even impossible for Tier IX or X)?


Strategies for Accelerating XP

This is the simpler of the 2 and the following techniques are useful:

1)  Use Flags - The Equal Speed Charlie London Flag boosts XP for the game flown by 50%.  Using this in conjunction with the daily 50% XP 1st win bonus (& sometimes 1st win 100% or 200% bonus) is ideal.  The Papa Papa Flag boosts Free XP by 300%.   Though another topic matter, Commander XP can also be boosted by the Zulu Hotel (50%) & Dragon Flags (333%)

2)  Use Cammos - Certain cammos offer XP Boosts - e.g Type 6 (100%), Ocean Soul (100%), WOWS Anniversary (100%), Halloween 2016 (100%), New Years 2017 (200% Free XP)

3)  Permanent Cammos - though not really recommended for ships you expect to play thru quickly (since it costs Doubloons for these), many permanent cammos offer a 50% boost to XP (the recent Tirpitz Convoy Mission Cammo Reward boosts XP by 50% & Free XP by 100%)

When you combine the above on you ship prior to hitting the Random Battle Button you can hugely decrease the time you are required to play a certain ship.  This is also helpful for certain missions requiring XP totals (see my Santa Convoy Mission - More Progress Less Time post).


Silver Generation (or How to avoid the Negative Earnings Crossover)

This is the real problem if you really want to experience all the ships that WOWS has to offer (as a history geek, I want to play all the ships in the normal tech tree!).  As such, I decided to go down every tech tree line/branch (save for a short  stint in the CV line) for DDs, CA/CLs and BBs from every country at once.   As a result, I'm currently at Tier IX on most of the original lines (or just about there) and,  though I make a net profit at Tier IX, generating silver, if all I did was try to play at the top of the tech trees, will be impossibly slow.  Depending on what your typical battle results are, some players may start to experience silver losses in games as early as Tier VII.

The problem is the following - I'll characterize some game types you may have experienced (note this is intended to illustrate the problem, but your results may vary based on your actual performance characteristics).  For reference, let's say you're playing at Tier IX and are a better than average (statistically) player:

- A really bad game where your team gets wiped out [ Can lose a lot of Silver ]

- A good game for your team but you get deleted early [ Can lose a lot of Silver ]

- A really bad game where your team gets wiped out but you deal a good amount of damage & XP [ 50-50  whether you Make Silver ]

- A average game where your team wins, but you have good, but not Top 3 results [ Make Silver, but very little ]

- A good game where your team wins, but you have a Top 3 result [ Make Silver ]

- A great game where your team wipes out the other team, but you have an average game relative to your team  (e.g. 1000-1200 XP) [ Lose Silver ]

- A great game where your team wins, you carry the team [ Make Silver ]


Imagine this pattern but skewed even more heavily toward you needing a true "Carry" game to make any kind of Silver at Tier X.  Even though WG updated the economy, this crossover still is a real issue for most but the best Unicum players.  If you try to work your way playing Tier IX ships with this economic model, it will either take you forever or make it impossible to get your Tier Xs.   But there is a easy solution:

A number of YouTubers have done an analysis of the currency system in WOWS in terms of returns vs time spent (Notser's video from March 2016) does a good summary of this.  He concludes that the best Silver returns are at Tiers IV-VI in terms of net Silver per hour of game play.  I personally also use Tier V-VII ships to generate a lot of Silver to accelerate ship purchases for the higher tiers and just try to enjoy the gameplay at the higher tiers w/o worrying about currency limitations.   So the strategies are:

1)  Be aware of your real performance & what tier you're likely to experience this problem.  For some, this will be a problem starting at Tier IX, for others, this may start as early as Tier VI or VII.

2)  As you go up the tech tree, be aware of this looming issue & if there's a particular ship you liked that generated good Silver for you (good silver meaning hopefully in the 100K+ per game range), you may want to hold onto that ship and for a time when you get into the higher tiers.   There's another reason for holding onto these mid-Tier ships that has to do with positioning yourself for the WG Mission freebies or the Ranked Battle Seasons (currently Tier VI & VIII ships), but that's another topic.  Be particularly aware of this possibility as you go thru Tiers IV-VII.    (Remember Tier VII ships still see Tier IX ships in matches, so it's not a bad level of play).

3)  When you are grinding the top tiers in the game, grind the XP and just enjoy the game.   For generating silver, fall back to the money makers at the mid-tiers to generate your currency to buy your Tier X.

4)  Of course, if you want, you can also throw WG a bone occasionally & buy a Premium Ship (gives you 50% more earning potential as well as Captain Training and other benefits.   I didn't have any Premiums myself until just before Xmas of 2016 when I got a total of 4 unique Premiums from the Santas Gift Holiday Promo. There are also a number of side benefits to keeping some of your mid-tier ships:


Differences between High-TIer & Mid-Tier Gameplay

1)  When I get into high tier games, I find the player strategies are different from mid-tier contests.   It is not easy to quantify unless you've played against Tier Xs, but I'll give you examples of the game characteristics which is very different from mid-tiers.

- Some players get ultraconservative (particularly BB players) - hiding behind sheltered islands & sniping or sniping only from range.  The large wipeouts I've seen is when a team does this tactic and the other team is on the same page w aggressively pushing  in a combined effort (e.g. the BBs come in w the right CA/CL & DD support).  This results in the wipeout game.

- In general, players (should be) very good - so mistakes are punished.  Any exposed citadel, wrong turn, etc. can get punished by quick deletion, so again players are ultra cautious.

- Many duels result in the "BB bow-on" technique where a BB is pointing his nose almost in a stationary position & teams are trading shots (if one of the team successfully is maneuvering - i.e. DDs get flanking Torp shots or CL/CAs get fire Spam opportunities, it can lead to a wipeout).

An extreme example of highest tier play is if you've ever seen some of the pseudo-E-sport competitions (e.g. between NA & EU, EU & Russia, etc.).  Some of these were posted in a series of Flamu vids on youtube that show these competitions.  It boils down to strategic positioning, a smoke screen meta and the smallest     mistake or lucky torp spread by some DDs swinging a game, and though I appreciate the strategic & tactical elements, it is not very exciting to watch.

2)  Because the mid-tiers are a reasonable combination of players who know how to play the game, some imperfect  gameplay and random coordination elements (or lack thereof), I find the Tier V-VIII matches on the whole more  enjoyable in general.   The contrasting play styles are both fun, but I don't think I'd enjoy all games being the Tier IX/X play style.

Well, there you have it!  Hope these suggestions are helpful to you getting your Tier IX & Xs!   Good Luck!











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Thanks for this, it answers questions I wasn't aware of.
My highest is Tier VII, (Pensi), I figure it's a good time to begin considering these things.


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litle nomenclature clarification.

Elite Xp is the Xp you gain with a 19 point captain. it is used to fast forward your other lower ranked captains up the tiers in points.

What the op is calling Elite XP is in fact just Ship Xp earned by elite ships that can be converted to Free Xp with the expenditure of doubloons.

I bring this up because of the recent problem when Wg had a sale on Elite XP and many thought it was the ship xp you convert it is not.

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23 minutes ago, nina_blain_73 said:

litle nomenclature clarification.

Elite Xp is the Xp you gain with a 19 point captain. it is used to fast forward your other lower ranked captains up the tiers in points.

What the op is calling Elite XP is in fact just Ship Xp earned by elite ships that can be converted to Free Xp with the expenditure of doubloons.

I bring this up because of the recent problem when Wg had a sale on Elite XP and many thought it was the ship xp you convert it is not.


Hey Nina! - Actually the terminology I've used is correct.  You're getting confused with the difference between Elite XP (in the game since inception) and Elite Commanders XP (relatively recently introduced).  Just want to clear things up for the newer player since this is adding to the confusion.


The Tech Tree Ship gains Elite status if every tech tree upgrade for a ship is researched (but not necessarily purchased) - once a ship is fully researched and its upgrades are unlocked, when you unlock the next ship in line the previous ship gains Elite status, is denoted by a silver wreath icon and any additional XP collected is denoted by WG as Elite XP gained on that ship.  Though Elite XP is technically associated w/ each ship, when converting Elite XP to Free XP, its pretty much treated as a common pool since you can pick & choose how much from what ship you want to convert.


The recent confusion regarding the XP conversion sale had to do specifically w/ a mistranslation that unfortunately coincided with the first time WG did a Elite Commanders XP conversion discount at 35:1.   Why folks were confused in the first place, was that all previous 35:1 sales were for Elite XP  (hence they had an expectation of what Elite XP meant based on what this term means in WG WOWS land).  The translation missed the distinction that it was Elite Commanders XP unless you were really paying attention to the rest of the context of the offer.  As you say, Elite Commanders XP is a global pool of Commanders XP that can be reallocated to any ship to train up Commanders that can be colllected on any 19 pt. Commander played.


WG does use both terms with the specific definitions I've provided above - what not uncommonly happens is that WG is a Russian company and its promos, websites and other materials get translated across multinational boundaries and unfortunately some very important details can slip thru the cracks.  In the case of the 35:1 sale, it manifestly misled players who had a historical understanding of the terms into play/purchase strategies that led to well founded complaints.



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