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To say one of my weakest skills in WoWs is positioning would likely be to; at least mildly; understate the issue.


I'm not completely hopeless, but considering how many games I've played, the weakness is a bit glaring.


Nevertheless; two games this weekend stood out above the rest; I Guess for once I was in tune with RNGesus' Prophet Positioning, and it certainly didn't hurt that the Big Guy seemed to have mercy on me as well.


First battle was on Land of Fire in my Dunkerque.








Tucked in close east of the little island at D3, and spent the game covering A and B. Didn't actually shoot at very many ships, but apparently a lot of ships shot at me. I slowly manuevered back and forth, often working to angle agains potential threats with reverse rudder, and as you can see by the score screen; it wasn't until a North Carolina started working around the bigger island to the north that I was finally pried out of that spot. Still, I knew he was on the way; backed out on my own, and was already positioned to fight him off or go down trying.


The game ended, (I think someone else capped for our team's win,) so perhaps it was a mercy to us both that French and American steel had no further need to clash.


The game as a whole was satisfying to me because I held my own in a match with a lot of T8 enemies, I survived, and wound up with 1.7mil potential damage. Maybe that's not a lot; but it was almost all from shellfire, and I think that may be the most ANY of my ships has ever had.


Second battle was on Shards in my Graf Spee.








Started out positioned to head for C cap.


Normally I would move north of the line of rocks, but I guess a little birdy was whispering in my ear to stay inside the rocks.


Oddly enough, considering how many ships I usually wind up seeing at C when I come from the south, only one poor Omaha appeared...


A slight aside for background if I may; I was trying for the 50k torpedo damage mission from stage 7 of the Convoy Campaign, so I wanted torpedo hits; gunfire was merely the means of surviving to get close enough to use torpedoes.


Spent a while in the nine boxes SW of and inclusive of C cap, then exited through the gap at F8.


Big gunfight developed along the H line SE of A cap as the Red team worked to come around in that direction.


Mostly I just remember  mentally shouting 'AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!'  as I dodged furiously, firing at something new just about every time my guns loaded, and getting more and more angry as the red ships either died or turned and ran.


Remember I wanted torpedo damage? Well I also had the 'Kill four enemy ships' mission running...


Things finally calmed down enough for me to look around, and I noticed a particular Icon up next to my other ribbons; 'Oh.. A Kraken; cool...' (Yes; I was a finisher for most of the ships; Thank you my allies for the efforts I wound up benefiting from.)


Then the score screen came up, as I was seething again about not getting any more torpedo damage, and I realized I didn't need torpedo damage any more...


Five is greater than four, after all. Six pins earned, and just one mission left in stage seven.




The signals I used.




The captain I used. He already had four skill points, but only one was assigned, BFT. I only wanted about 950 cxp minimum to get his next (5th) skill point; but with just Restless Fire and the two +50% signals, (no 333% Dragon Signal,) earned enough for the 6th skill point, and nearly enough for the 7th as well.


I wonder what the enemy team would think if they'd known that crazy Graf Spee driver was only using a one skill-point captain?


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Great work EP. I liked your description of that "ahhhh" moment. We can all relate, tho in my mind, I don't do ahhh, I do, "$h!3, $h!3, $h!3, $h!3!" lol

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Thanks for sharing and well done!! I had a great weekend game in my North Carolina, I set a new damage record for myself and finially cracked the 200k damage barrier. So this weekend was great for both of us! :)

Here are my screenshots.

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