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Mystery Go Player named 'Master'

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Starting at the end of 2016, a mysterious Go player named "Master" started trolling the Go online sites, beating consecutive games with no losses against the top players of the game that includes current and former champions and masters.


Speculation goes, that Master is Google's DeepMind's AlphaGo.




DeepMind then admitted in a tweet.




That Master or Magister is indeed a new version of AlphaGo under testing.




The ultimate bot has self learning capability. It practices and learns against top human players, and also plays thousands of games by itself.  Deep learning AIs are full of practical and real life uses, and DeepMind is also being used for medical diagnosis.  They represent the biggest breakthrough in AI yet.




Will this be your new Master?


In the meantime, two Google Home chatbots are arguing against each other like an old couple in Twitch.






I watched it and I found it surprisingly funny.





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Do we have a planet wide EMP system set up yet...

For the love of- Dave I thought I told you ages ago to set up in preparation of Skynet!

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