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Optimal VMF DD Captain build in 0.6.0?

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As I have stated on multiple occasions, I am a Destroyer main all day every day. My current VMF DD captain build goes as follows

Tier I: Basic Firing Training; no-brainer for ANY DD

Tier II: Last Stand and Expert Marksman, both also no brainers for DDs, EM for VMF DDs

Tier III: Superintendent: The extra smoke and Speed boost helps exponentially

 Tier IV: Demolition Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Survivability Expert 

Tier V: None


Now for the Captain Skill rework, what do you think would be most beneficial skills to VMF DDs at the first two rows. Most other vital skills for DDs are now uptiered to III, so what skills can be opted for with the new skill calc? My theoretical build is linked HERE.Thoughts? Opinions? Mockery, even? Anything?



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After the captain skill rework I think the first 16 points are rather obvious...


Tier 1: PM

Tier 2: LS

Tier 3: BFT, SE, DE

Tier 4. AFT 


There is still an awful lot you can do with the last 3 points and I don't think there is any 1 right choice.  You could get another tier 3 skill, like super intendant, or pick one more tier 1 and tier 2 skill.  There are a lot of options there...


Priority Target would probably be the best choice for the second tier 1, but for tier 2, adrenaline rush, smoke screen expert or even expert marksmen could be good choices, although expert marksmen is less useful at tier 9 and 10.  So with all this in mind, if I had to set a build I would go...


Tier 1:  PT, PM

Tier 2: LS, AR

Tier 3: DE, BFT SE

Tier 4: AFT





After looking at your build...I'd only make a few changes.


1.  SE is more important than super intendant.  If you want Super Intendant that bad, drop PT and EM 

2.  If you have a 19 point captain, you are probably already at tier 9 or 10.  The Udaloi and Khaba have good turret traverse, so while EM is not bad, I'd probably pick a different tier 2 skill.   











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Udaloi/Khab don't need EM, even if they are using MBM3.


You could trade EM out for SSE, AR or JoAT, I think.


I would probably go with something like this


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No such thing as an "optimal build" in 0.6.0. It's a series of trade offs that you tailor to your playstyle.

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Probably this build, i tend to play aggresivelly so i choose AR & PT instead of SI:




PS: My Khab captain has 18p since september last year so the 19p would be easy to get

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 for me,   I would start with    PM or PT ,  LS,  DE,  AFT  as minimum.      then    add   RDF and  BFT.          Only time you risk higher russian DD is from surprise.    I find that I don't need SE   since I have high  health and long range shooting, where I   rarely get hit.   RDF should help against torps  so I am willing to lose vigilence.  (which I've been taking at 3rd level ability currently in all my DD)   this is why PT is also possibly useful.



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