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Color Pics of the Armada Española (Spanish Navy)(Image Heavy)

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Hi guys! As of this post, my poll is sitting at a tie between the Spanish Navy, and the Japanese carriers. So, I have colorized pics for all of Japan's aircraft carriers; for the Spaniards, I have 4. So I'll do the Spanish today, and the carriers tomorrow. The poll will be in the post tomorrow, or alternatively, you can vote in the previous one here. Pics as usual come from: http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/

Let's get this show on the seas!





So, did you know Spain had the smallest battleship ever made? It's true, the España-class battleships were 460 feet long. To put that in perspective, the biggest destroyer of the time period, Tashkent, is 1 foot, 8 inches shorter than her. Yeah. Anyway, this is España 2 (The first España ran aground on August 26, 1923. Her sister Alfonso XIII was renamed to España after King Alfonso XIII was overthrown) at anchor in this starboard beam shot taken in 1931. She had a long life from 1915-1937 until she struck a mine and sank on April 30, 1937.



España (II) and her sister Jaime I at anchor alongside each other in this beautiful double port bow shot in 1931. I assume, judging by the order of names, that Jaime I is left and España (II) is right. If she arrived in game she'd likely be T2-3 being as she's armed with 8 x 12 inch 50 caliber guns. She'd have an extremely small turning circle due to being 460 ft long, she's also relatively quick at this tier at 19.5 knots.



Time to shift gears to cruisers. Here is the heavy cruiser Canarias of the Canarias-class. She was a modified County-class heavy cruiser designed in Great Britain, featuring a torpedo bulge, slightly narrower beam, more powerful machinery, and rearranged boiler rooms allowing the stacks to be trunked into one single massive funnel, as well as heavier secondary armament. Canarias had quite the extensive career in Spain on the side of the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War, sinking 34 ships (Supposedly). She participated in the rescue of sailors from Bismarck as well, but that was the only action she saw in WWII. She remained in commission until 1975...



Spain kept her as fleet flagship throughout her life in the Spanish Navy (Due to several repair and refit periods), she was planned for a major refit in 1975 to further extend her life but after a survey of her condition by both the Spanish Navy and US Navy personnel concluded she was too old and obsolete to warrant the work to restore her. Efforts were made to preserve her as a museum ship but very little funds were raised. Thus she was decommissioned on December 17, 1975 and then sold for scrap. In her final hours, she steamed under her own power to the scrapyard, seen above.



Baleares, the other sister of the Canarias-class. Showing a stern quarter in this pic, she had a shorter and more violent life than her sister, serving only 2 years in the Nationalist Navy before being sunk in the Battle of Cape Palos as a result of a torpedo attack by Spanish Republican Navy destroyers.




And those are what I got! Hope you enjoyed them, I'll remove the Spanish Navy as an option in the previous poll (Again here) and you can vote in case you want something else next. As always, Fair winds and following seas captains! :honoring:

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