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Red Dead Santa Redemption

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Just like these Santa promotions are designed to do, i caved in and threw in for another four $3 boxes. My previous attempt with three boxes had left me with a sour taste in my mouth-- Some camos, 1,000 gold and an Emden (sold for port slot). Stuff, but nothing I'd consider a good use for $9.00. I was not amused, but couldn't really complain. Lottery is lottery. But seeing such favorable results I figured why the hell not. $12 ain't much.


Box #1 - Equal Speed +50% XP

That deep Santa laugh took on the tone of sinister mocking, as in, "Ho, Ho, Ho, sucks to be you, dumb*ss." XP boosts are fine, but it's hard not to find them for free in some way, shape or form. And +50% was pretty ho-ho-hum. This wasn't a good start.


Box #2 - x50 Ocean Goddamn Soul Camo

Okay, fine, +100% XP on top of the other usual bonuses, but seriously, I'm really beginning to feel like a sucker. Not only do i already have a sizable stockpile of camos to begin with, I manage to land the ugliest one.


Box #3 - Blyskawica w/10pt Captain

NOT DAMN BAD. Finally, something that doesn't make me feel like fool for spending money at the casino. Last time she was seen she clocked in for $32ish, so if I consider this and the last round, I got her for a $10-15 discount. LWM (thanks for your continued reviews BTW) considers her the kind of sort of equivalent to the Gremy. Even if the next crate is trash, I can live with this.


Box #4 - x20 WoWS Anniversary Camo

Yeah, I think that's my cue to stop spending money here. F*ck you too, Santa :honoring:

But the Bly is a nice surprise. If I was going to get a destroyer, I would rather it be this one. Thanks algorithm of randomness :)

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