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From Dev Diaries. Modifying gun sounds.

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Did you here that, guys? We will soon be able to mod guns sounds! Like we used to long ago in tanks. Remember Gnomefather's gun and engine sounds? That was probably the best of them all.


But...did he say laser guns sounds? That would sound cool, right? Well...let me tell you a little story of mine.


A long time ago in a tank game far, far away...




I made that. I MADE THAT! A long time ago before they change the file structure for the game audio. And it was awesome! I called it LGMOD. The small caliber gun sounds were the best. Unfortunately, they screwed with the audio and i was forced to discontinue the mod. And eventually i left tanks for alpha testing Warships.


I was not exactly the mod experienced mod developer. I mostly made music mods before this project. And i made LGMOD by recycling Gnomefather's assets to make my laser guns. It was ok; he gave permission.


I have dreamed of this day for a long time. And its happening very soon(ish)! 


Wargaming, when that day finally comes, call me! :great:

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I want someone to Mod the sounds to what they were on that one April Fools event when we played in the bathtub....  Yeah.. and star tracers again.. Life will be good then!



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