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US Carrier Bombers need a severe buff

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I am having a problem with my ranger's bombers, they seem to be horribly inaccurate. 50%-1bomb, 35%-2bombs, 14%-3bombs, 1%-4bombs and 0% for 5 and 6 bombs. The accuracy for the bombs needs to be buffed because I have yet to see 6 or even 5 hit a ship. I use manual aim and usually the entire ship is in the circle. They should also reduce the arming distance, this sometimes screws up my aim if they turn.

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Also, please buff the guns on my Fuso.  I often hit with only 5 or 6 shells in a 12-gun salvo!  This is unconscionable!!!11!  At any range over 15km I'm lucky if I land more than 2 shells!  How can I be expected to play like this?!?!?

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