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Captains Review of the Z-52

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In the video above I display some of the advantages this DD has. After several battles im finally starting to get the hang of this ship. 



fast 10.5km torps with fast reload. While they dont do a massive amount of damage, hitting most tier 8 and 9 BBs with 5 or 6 is usually enough to wreck them, if not out right kill them. Because of this the z52 should be played as a stealth torpedo boat first. Using islands for cover and ambush. 

Guns are decent, with a high rate of fire and quick turret Traverse. Chance for fires is also decent though not as good as the RU DD line. The trick with the guns is with the ammo selection. On some DDs using AP is going to yield more damage than HE, while on others or those at angles the HE is the way to go. 

AA is great of this ship, while not enough to shoot down enough planes from a CV to save you it is enough to quickly deal with pesky scouts and spotters put up by other ships. 


Middle Ground:

Detection range. The detection range of the ship with a 15-point captain and concealment module is 6.4 kilometers. This means you're not as stealthy as ships like the gearing the Fletcher the Benson, the Shimakaze ,the yugumo or the kagero. You are stealthier then the Russian Destroyers. While you will be detected first do to your speed you're very quickly close with those ships. They will most likely pop smoke while will allow you to use hydro and torps to kill them off. Where the detection range really falls off is after firing your main guns. The gun range is only about twelve kilometres but your detection range after firing them as well in excess of 13. This means that even if you're firing at a Target at your maximum range any Targets outside of your gun range will still be able to see you. I called this a middling issue rather than a con due to the fact that you have speed. And in many situations that I found knowing when to hold your fire and let your Torpedoes and allies take out targets will you turn and run away is the difference between taking a substantial amount of damage at the beginning of an engagement or hanging on to your precious HP. Because of the detection range the use of the guns can be highly situational. 

Speaking of HP the HP on this Destroyer is decent. However as mentioned when you are detected and taking shots you tend to lose a lot of your hit points quickly. Due to that it's my absolute recommendation that you run the survivability expert skill. The extra 4000 HP is an absolute must for this ship. 

Finally you have your hydroacoustic consumable. The issue with this consumable is that when you activate it and use for Ambush situations with battleships coming around the corner it means that the enemy Battleship knows that you are there. Well you'll be able to use the consumable to get a good lead indicator, and assuming the battleship is distracted you can get massive hits, if they aren't it means they're likely to react. Additionally the use of it to detect ships hiding in Smoke screen also means that they as well will react to being detected. However if you have significant back up and a smoke screen pops yourself you can usually utilize this consumable to very quickly take out enemy destroyers and cruisers. Overall like your guns, hydroacoustic consumable is highly situational. 



The biggest drawback to this ship is the number of modules that tend to get knocked out repeatedly. As mentioned in the video above I've had situations where I've had multiple modules knocked out with one Salvo from enemy destroyers or Cruisers or even battleships and their armor-piercing, repaired the items and immediately had them knocked out in the very next Salvo. Beyond that the amount of damage that you take when being shot is substantially higher than that of other destroyers from my experiences.


Forecasting skills I would recommend running: basics of firing training, Last Stand, superintendent for the extra smoke and hydroacoustic consumable, survivability expert, concealment expert, and when you can relate more points getting the torpedo reload expert. 


For Modules: it really depends on your personal play style however the two I absolutely recommend are the torpedo reload and the concealment the module. 


Overall I like this ship I think when handled well and in the right situation it can be incredibly effective. And yes the grind is worth it. 


Current stats with this ship:

85.71% win rate, 85853 average damage, 2.44 K/D, 36% survival rate, 59% mb hit rate, 15% Torp hit rate. WTR 1919.


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