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XP Calculations

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I have a number of questions regarding XP calculations.


I know base XP is based on damage inflicted with additions for team play such as capping and spotting. But just the part based on damage:


If a T6 and T8 BB both do 100k damage in the same battle, do they get the same XP?

If a T6 Cruiser and a T6 Battleship each do 100k damage in the same battle, do they get the same XP?

If same tier BB's from different countries do the same amount of damage, do they get the same XP?

Would a ship without upgrades get the same XP as the same one with upgrades for the same amount of damage?

Do premium ships get more XP than same tier regular ships for the same amount of damage?


Is total base XP to be awarded determined before the battle begins based on game mode and the ships on each side?


If these questions are addressed elsewhere, please just point me there.





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I believe:

1. Lower Tiers will get more xp for damaging higher tiers.

2. In theory I don't think there is a difference, practically I see DD's > Cruisers > BB  in terms of xp gain, mainly because DD's do the capping. 

3. I don't think nationality plays a roll. 

4. Don't think upgrades play a roll.

5. Premium ships have camo. that gives bonus to xp. 

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If a t6 and a t8 are in the same match, the t6 has a greater opportunity to earn XP, as punching up earns more than punching down. Also, damage against a DD is more valuable than damage against a BB.  Country does not effect XP, upgraded or not does not effect XP, premium ships do not effect base XP (though do make more modified XP). And no, its not determined before the battle begins...

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they would get the same XP if for eg. they damaged the same ships the same amount. If they both took all the HP from a DD or BB. 


XP gains are based on the % of damage to a particular ship so 100k dmg to 5 ships will net less XP than to 2 ships. Kills don't seem to factor in nearly as much as you might expect and neither do solo caps. Cap defense seems like it gives large XP but with no figures for any actions it's impossible to know. I've had tripple solo caps and a partial cap in the same game without getting much XP considering how rare that is. We also don't know how much if any XP is awarded for medals like citadels, witherer, devastating strike etc. It's all a guess by anyone and nobody has any actual values that can be stated.

There was once a rumor that XP gains are also tied to your teammates results but we can't know anything because it's such a gamebreaking secret.


I don't know if a lower tier gets more XP for dmg on a higher tier, again due to the secret values.


WG will not release any actual figures on XP achievement actions. Apparently that is a vital secret to comrade stalin's disciples.


Don't believe all the [edited]people say about XP gains. There are no facts beyond a handful of actions that do gain whatever mystery XP.

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