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try Leander 2ndary build? big nono

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out of 146 shells

8 hits arizona 0 dmg

1hit mahan 495dmg

4 hit myoko 495dmg

its only useful for hunting DD, cant get any dmg on BB,  some dmg on cruiser superstructure

the dispersion is so bad on 6km secondary,  guess 7.2km would be even worse



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Get to a T7 ship and try MFCSA. At least you'll hit more shells. 

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I've enjoyed running Secondaries on my Leander. 


Sure damage output isn't the greatest being 102mm (4") when firing at anything bigger than a DD. But that small fire chance is better than no fire chance should you be in range. Torpedoes are definitely the better source of DoT damage through flooding provided you can get a Flood to stick. But the Torpedo Ranges for the RN are pretty good as are the Secondary Ranges. IF you build for Secondaries then by the time a ship is within range of them your Torpedos have a decent Buffer zone to hit. 


Basically use that Secondary Bubble of 7.2km as an indicator of when you should launch Torpedoes. The target should be near enough at that point they should be unavoidable. 

IF the secondaries do damage, that's a bonus. IF they start a fire, that's a bonus.


Your main weapons are your 6" guns and Torpedoes. From Fiji to Neptune is the only tiers you should contemplate a full Secondary Build. But even at those Tiers skills such as JoaT or CE are more valuable and will work with Minotaur without having to spend dubloons on respecs.

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Cruisers have poor protection against the many BBs sailing around.  RN CLs have the added bonus that even other Cruisers will easily wreck them.  On that fact alone,a  Secondaries Build was something I briefly considered at only Tier VIII but then quickly decided against it.  If you are in Secondaries Range with RN CLs that is danger close already regardless of the threat you face.  If it's a Cruiser, chances are they're about to hydro or drop torps on you.  If it's a DD they're dropping torps on you.  If it's a Battleship, they'll only get that close on you when they know your threat of torpedoes has been expended already.

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