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Music You Are Feelin

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What music are you feelin right now and why? Post a link to a song you are really feelin right now and if available quote a lyric or give a reason as to why you are currently feelin that song/s.



Soon we are done with that scandalous b!@#$ back on the up and up!



Return of the Mack, It is
Return of the Mack, Come on
Return of the Mack, Oh my God
You know that I'll be back, Here I am
Return of the Mack, Once again
Return of the Mack, Pump up the world
Return of the Mack, Watch my flow
You know that I'll be back, Here I go


So I'm back up in the game
Running things to keep my swing
Letting all the people know
That I'm back to run the show
Cause what you did, you know, was wrong
And all the nasty things you've done
So, baby, listen carefully
While I sing my come-back song


You lied to me, Cause she said she'd never turn on me
You lied to me, But you did, but you do
You lied to me, All these pains you said I'd never feel
You lied to me, But I do, but I do, do, do


used to sing? sorta sing this on teamspeak remember this? bring back any memories? :teethhappy:


snapchat that fat a ss don't snapchat no derp err i mean duckfaceeeeeeeeeeeeee



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To me, music expressing my mood shouldn't be about the lyrics, it should be about the mood.

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