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Grinding free exp question (non-premium ship)

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What is the best way to grind free exp mathematically? 

Which tier? (Since sometimes different tiers take different times on avg per battle)

Is it better to spam a bunch of co-op or 1 random battle?

          -will the above answer be different based upon ur average exp, if so what is the breaking point?

Do premium withOUT their cammo earn more exp then regular tech ships?

Is there a good baseline of damage for maximum grind i.e. I got 60k damage on my nag so I can just yolo die and get a new game running to maximize my free exp grind? 

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I ll answer you half way.

Matthematicaly is best to buy 1-3 days premium time and in this time use all xp bonus / xp camo- charlie london - papa papa flag/

In this 3 days you earn more free xp then grinding without premium, and flags on whole month.

With this combo you can do 1200- 2000 free xp per win game, without this combo is waste using flags and normal free XP is like 100-300. 


Answers on your point. 

Tiers: i recomend 6-8. You will do more xp in 9-10 but your silvers is going down or slowly up.  In t6-t8 you can grind free xp and silver and once.

You need ,,random,, battles. Co-Op xp is like half from ,,random,, withou premium is like 50- 100 free xp so it is LOL.

Free XP are count like 5 percent from noral XP you gain in game  + modificators /pike papa papa flag/ so you need pick ships where you are able picking more dmg fore more xp /somebody BB somebody CS... its depend on you/.

Yes premium Ships do more XP 30-50 percent, so even free XP gain will be bigger but if you dont plan spend money for convert normal xp to free xp  is still better exp normal tech tree ships what you like.

No dmgs is not all /but lots off pool to gain XP , stay longer in game -- more xp. so nope you cant yolo. 


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Grinding Free XP takes a lot of time. I suggest that you play T7 or T8 because of the favorable MM as well as the gameplay is good there. No thje XP income relies on the camo alone

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The Missouri is not designed to be earned over night. The only instant way to get this ship is to use doubloons and convert the 750,000 xp needed to get the ship. So, if you do not want to spend gold then resign yourself to saving all your free xp for a long time. Obviously using all the benefits helps the most.


1. XP reward is higher per the tier that you play. In WOT though there is a diminishing return for XP after tier 8. I have not done the calculation but I can assume that this game also has a diminishing return on XP reward after tier 8. So, a tier 8 ship with permanent cammo, or a premium tier 8 ship should give you the most xp reward for games played.


2. XP is based on the players performance. So, it depends on which ship you can do the best in at tier 8. For many people, the tier 9 100% xp bonus also does very well. A great Fletcher game or Missouri game will earn a lot of xp because it is not tier ten and yet the cammo bonus is still 100%. But over the long run it is simply better to use whatever tier 8-9 ship that you do best in.


3. It is never advisable to just YOLO for damage and spam games. The reason for this is that you always want to become a better player and the rewards for being a better player are very significant over time. So, it is far better to simply play your best all the time instead of YOLO'ing in for a few damage points and spamming games. Remember a victory gives you more XP than a defeat, so, you want to win every game.


4. Regular tech tree ships with Halloween or type 6 cammo with a 100% bonus xp reward will certainly get more xp than a 50% bonus premium ship. However, this uses up a very valuable 100% xp cammo that could best be put to other grinding uses. So, in the long run it is better to simply use the best tier 8 premium ship that you do well in for free xp, credit, captain training, xp banking rewards.


There is a reason that they are giving away earn-able Tirpitz alternate 100% free xp cammo as a reward this month. Using the Tirpitz with that cammo would over time probably be the best way to get free xp if you also use papa papa 300% free xp signal flags with the tirpitz new cammo.

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First you want to make sure you are using your Papa Papa flags (300% free XP) and New Years camos (200% free XP) on ships in Random battles with your first win of the day.  Secondly, once you have completed your first win of the days, I would recommend playing the ships that provide you your highest average XP (easily discovered at https://na.warships.today).  Playing in a ship that you do well with (I average 1,609 XP in my Shiriatsuyu, which is ~210 XP more than my next highest) because that will most likely be you most efficient grinding method.


Then I recommend that you look at the various campaigns/missions/tasks because many of the rewards are free XP (like the reward for completing Mission 3 in the Hunt for Graf Spee was 4,000 free XP).  Lastly, when selecting Containers, I would recommend either the More Consumables or More Signals/Camos options because you get free XP in those containers (like 500 free xp every third or fourth container).  

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just as for grinding any other way use your best and do your best at all times and as for Free XP in particular that will take the longest since it earns only a fraction of the ship XP each battle

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The free XP percentage is applied after all ship XP modifiers. The only other stacking XP effects in the game are the premium account bonus, and the innate win bonus (which is baked into your base XP).


In short, you need to maximize the product of total ship XP and free XP coefficient.


Ship XP (all conditional values revert to 1.0 if condition is not met):

XP earned for in-game actions (XPe): Secret formula

Win modifier (W): 1.5 if win

Base XP (bXP): XPe x W

Premium account modifier (PA): 1.5 if premium account is active

Preliminary match XP (pmXP): bXP x PA

First win bonus modifier (fW): 0.5 normally, up to 2.0 for special events

Ship flag modifier (Fs): 0.05 for military month pennant/alpha tester flag(?)

Camouflage modifier ©: 0.3, 0.5 or 1.0 for various premium camouflages

Signal flag modifier (Sf): 0.5 with Equal Speed Charlie London signal

Ship XP earned (sXP): pmXP x (1 + fW + Fs + C + Sf)


Base FXP coefficient (bFXP): 0.05

Camouflage modifier (Cfxp): 2.0 (mutually exclusive with ship XP camouflage)

Papa Papa signal flag modifier (PP): 3.0

Effective FXP coefficient (eFXP): bFXP x (1 + Cfxp + PP)


Total free XP earned: sXP x eFXP = XPe x W x PA x (1 + fW + Fs + C + Sf) x bFXP x (1 + Cfxp + PP)



Obviously, you need to maximize your match XP earnings in-game, and load up on all the bonuses you can. If you can follow my poorly formatted math, you'll notice that the only real question is whether to run ship XP camouflage or free XP camouflage. My personal experience is that, with all other possible boosts and a well-played match, free XP camouflage works better when you have a higher than normal first-win bonus. Otherwise, Type 6 or Ocean Soul (+100% ship XP) camouflage works at least as well, even though your free XP coefficient isn't as high as it could have been. I also tend to run the New Year's (+200% free XP) camouflage on high-tier ships which I don't care to grind very fast, when it's their first-win bonus. This is because I have a lot of ships with first-win bonuses available, and if I only used the free XP camouflage on higher than normal first-win bonus days, I wouldn't use it all up before I got the Missouri anyways.



Hope that helps some.

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All the signals and camos u got and play cap bully. Capping and defending caps racks up exp. Go after higher tier ships and Destroyers, ideally they are easier to kill and worth more exp wise.

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