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My 1st time....

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I`ve just lost a battle for the 1st time since I`ve started playing WoWs, where my team (yes me included) failed to sink any reds. It was a T 5-7 Epicentre battle with 2 cv`s and 3 bb`s per side, plus some cl/a`s and dd`s thrown in. 1 div on my team was a bb and a cv. Now ALL the bb`s sat at the back and I DO mean at the back of the map the whole game. Our New Mex that was div with the cv was hiding behind the island right next to his mate and when called out for it replied he was "protecting his buddy". I was in my Graff Spee in the circles trying with my other cl/a`s and dd`s trying to hold off the reds but was focused by their cv`s and various other reds. Still got 3rd in damage though admittedly the teams total was piss poor.

Just a little rant because I`ve never been on a team that`s failed to get a kill.


p.s. for all the holier than thou crowd, yeah yeah carry harder, blah blah....

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I've had it happen once, and been on the giving side of that epic beat-down twice.

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Yeah that burns. Some days there's just nothing you can do.



I usually call it a day after the 3rd loss in a row.

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