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RNGeesus blessed me!

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So I was about to get lewded by all these HE spammers, and I cried out in chat "SMOKE!!" "SOMEONE, SOMETHING, PLEASE HELP!!!"

And guess what happened next?

-Deleted Atlanta somehow, I clipped him in the stern for a citadel, Devastating Strike #1

-A fletcher was coming around an island to destroy me with torps, so I fired a full salvo at him, took off all but 1k HP. Secondaries finished him off for the devastating strike and close quarters expert

-I finished off an angled NC for 6k or so - ANGLED!!! RNG, bro!

-I deleted a FULL HEALTH Mogami, Devastating Strike #3

-At this point, my division mate (Anime_Loser in a Bismarck) was calling RNG and realizing how damn good I was getting treated by him. He had shaved a bismarck down to 20k or so, and he let me finish him! I shaved the final 15k off of him from like 8 km XD

This all happened in the span of about 8 minutes or something


I believe this is proof that RNGeesus exists.



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Well done! Ive had some games like that... the outcome looks bleak, then everything falls into place. Blessings of RNGesus :D



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Only RNG I've seen is when dispersion gives 0 hits on a broadside CL at 5k away from my BB

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