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Has the Replay Function been changed?

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Not getting it to work, but the instruction sets I find are all very old...


​are these still the two lines to insert in the file?? is there an FAQ that covers this kind of undocumented feature?



 <isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled>
  <ReplayCameraUpdate> 30 </ReplayCameraUpdate>

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Here are the controls for REPLAY as best as I know it. The ones on WOW are way outdated and some keys will crash your system.


In regards to the playback controls..some of the info here is obsolete.  heres what I have unless mines superceeded LOL!
Anyways..the replay will play...keys to control replay are:
HOME - replay at normal speed
END - replay at the SLOWEST speed. You cannot pause..just go the slowest.
INSERT - Speed up the replay
DELETE - slow down the replay

To detach your view from the fixed view - click in the center with left mouse button.
Hit together right CTRL and SHIFT on bottom lower right..while pressed down hit BACKSPACE
You are detached and now can roam while your in battle. Do this in normal speed as if its too slow you may not see what you are doing.
Okay - on the number keypad.
7 will make you elevate
9 will make you lower
4 will rotate left
6 will rotate right
5 tilt down
8 tilt up
pageup or number key 1=  zoom in
pagedn or number key 3 = zoom out

Arrow keys:
left - pan left
right - pan right
up - forward
down - reverse back

Your ship is the only one with no ICON info - just bare ship if still alive.
Lost it? Just press the ctrl-shift and back space to put you on the bridge again.

Notes: There is no rewind as of yet.  Other keys mentioned - the right left chevrons above the comma and period locked up my comp but has not on my new one.
Ctrl-G = removes the GUI interface
using the 9 key you were able to go underwater but that has been nerfed to just above waterline level. 

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