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Need help with equipment and skills for my mighty mo

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hello everyone i just got my mighty mo/missouri and need help on what module upgrades and what skills i should use on the captain


Tbh, I did a concealment build, and OH MY GAWD. 12.2km is badass, in some cases you can have a better stealth rating than cruisers hahaha otherwise ehm... just buff up your turret traverse speed and AA..

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Well you've got two school's of thought.  One, do you want to buff up her reload?  Or do you want to buff up her accuracy?  Personally I went accuracy route, I don't care if I fire fast if I'm not going to hit anything.  So for me my setup is the following:


Main Armaments

Artillery Plotting Room

Artillery Plotting Room 2

Damage Control System Mod

Steering Gear Mod 2

Concealment Mod


Granted, I run off builds contrary to the popular method.  For instance I run a concealment build Bismarck instead of manual secondaries so take the above with a grain of salt.  I'm also running a concealment expert captain and the ranges you can sneak up on people in a big old battleship like this is downright SCARY.  This game for instance was my 1st time out in it and it was before the CE captain



But the major thing I love about it is the accuracy.  After playing German BB's for so long and not having the best aim to begin with, having a ship which is relatively "beginner friendly" when it comes to the aim is just a major plus

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