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An Absolute Nailbiter...

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...all the way to the end.


This was a game I had in my NC. It was on Land of Fire, Standard Battle. I went west with some teammates. I then took some shots at the enemy Fuso, doing some damage. (He'll be brought back up again in a moment.) While this was going on, we ran into a Tirpitz, a New Mexico, a Bismarck, and an Akatsuki. We went to work, with me doing damage to the NM, and shooting at whatever came into my sights. During this, while I was maneuvering to avoid torpedoes, my secondaries killed the DD. I got the Bismarck, while someone else got the NM. My two kills were too far apart for a Double Strike, but no matter. After I took one of the Akatsuki's torpedoes, owing to being in a hard turn to avoid them (BB drivers: Sometimes it helps to remember what those A and D keys are for,) I got into a slugging match with the Tirpitz after citadelling the enemy Mogami. While all this was going on, some enemies made it to our cap. I was mixing it up with the Tirpitz, so turning around was not an option for me; it was, however, for some of our team. I went into cap, and then killed the Mogami with a lucky shot from my back gun. 


Despite our efforts, the enemy made it in, and we were about to lose. Our cap was filling up, but we were also filling up their cap. I got my spotter plane up to help get some shots off to try to buy time, but to no avail. Everyone was saying gg in chat, so unless something happened, it was over. I had also recognized I was about to leave cap, so I threw the boat into reverse. The enemy Fuso, who I had shot at earlier, was also coming up to try to buy time for his team. And then, at the last possible moment, the Bayern and Fuso on our team came up big in the clutch, resetting our cap, if so briefly. They then proceeded to either kill or chase out the enemy from our cap, while I mixed it up with the Fuso, eventually ending his battle. After that, we capped out. 


The spoils of victory: 111, 444 damage, 26 main battery hits, 3 citadel hits, 41 secondary batter hits, 4 kills, 1,536 base XP, 3,072 overall XP, and 154 Free XP, along with 249, 753 credits and Close Quarters Expert. 


Anyone have any similar nail-biting moments in a game?

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I earned a Solo Warrior not to long ago in the Kiev.  Killed off a DD and CA, heavily damaged a CL, and burned a Bb a little bit before time expired and we won on points from the kills and cap point advantage of 2/3 caps


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