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Ognevoi saved Christmas!

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I had a really rough start to the day.  Roon and I are not getting along, tough games, tough losses so far.  My start to Shchors has been far better.  I even unlocked the B-hull.  I am still learning her, ended up out of position and deleted a couple times.  I also ended up saying "Man, that was a disappoint...who...I did 90k damage...wth?" a couple times too.  Sneaky damage.  Even when I'm not getting fires burning, the repeated pounding of 12 shells takes a toll.  Ripping the face of DDs is humorous.  I wish I did not wait so long to get her...might just be my Tier VII keeper when it's all said and done (maybe Myoko too...TBD).  Still only 4-5 though...a tough day here too.


Ognevoi though...ah, sweet Ognevoi.  I remember liking her when I got her.  Then I went away from DD for a while.  She has done a sinful amount of damage today, 48k on average...despite only a 4-4 sort of day.  Once I figure out how to actually sail her it will be amazing!  My DD skills have languished and I have pulled some USN type moves that didn't go well.  Should be 5-3, but I somehow didn't fire my second set of torps in one match.  Even so, running around with impunity and doing better than cruiser damage is pretty sweet.

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