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Torpedo acceleartion vs. Dogfighting expert

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Is dogfighting expert a reasonable alternative to torpedo acceleration? I was advised to use dogfighting expert instead of acceleration for US CVs because of the US CV spread so it's better for the torps to go slower and therefore to pick up the dogfighting expert. In the past I've also had issues with the torpedoes not having time to arm. I know the solution to this would be to drop a little further but what is the general consensus about the better skill? 

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DFE is only useful at tier 7, where you will encounter Saipan, and it's planes will in most cases mercilessly slaughter yours without trying without it. Other than that it's only good till you get upgraded fighters on other carriers. That skill only takes effect when your fighters are out tiered.


Torpedo Acceleration means the torps get there faster and shortens their range meaning less chance of accidents hitting a teammate with them (crazy things happen). The spread doesn't really matter for either when you have acceleration. Spread is only debatable when it comes to TA and using Manual Drops, till Wargaming hopefully removes them, since IJN gets a completely different torpedo spread that angles in.


Honestly though, I can't think of an actual useful skill at tier 3 on the captain's skills for CV's. They all kinda suck for them. 

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