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Ode to World of Warships

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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the port

The captains were salty, they'd been killed by a fort

"Forts are OP", you could hear them all say

It seems they were only QA'd for a day

"Bastion modes great", one redditor said

Downvoted he was so he cried in his bed

But whats that new ship line thats in the tech tree?

Oh golly jee its those German DD!

You will see them on maps, for example New Dawn

The T6 one fired and was detected in spawn!

But I learned my lesson as I camped in my smoke

The Gaede he popped Hydro and gave me a poke

But enough of the salt, it is giving me chills

Look there, the horizon, its new captain skills!

And aren't these Christmas presents oh so great

For 1 to 5 bucks you get a festive supercrate

But these supecrates are so special you see

Because they contain whats call rigged RNG

I opened one up, wow a Texas for me!

My friend opened 2 and got Nikolai plus Gremy

Grrr back to salt if I may for a minute

Im happy for him but I'm jelly I admit it

But these tidings are not what I wanted to say

I wish y'all the best on your holiday

Good wishes on whichever day you celebrate

So love one another and say no to hate

I will leave you with this as I sail out of sight

Happy Christmas to all, GL HF and good fight




Do you have a poem to share with the crowd, then post it below or say it out loud

Perhaps you just want to spread festive cheer, well post it below and I'll lend you my ear!



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