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Field day for CVs, pain in the A** for everyone else

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Not sure why a CV getting top tier once in a blue moon needs a forum post.


It is no worse than bringing my Mogami into game, only to be placed in a battle with 6 BBs, 3 of them T10. . .

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I'm sure people will disagree with me for matchmaking reasons (which I understand), but I wish that carriers would never be completely top or bottom tier in a game. When there are 2-3 Tier 9s per team in a 7/8/9 game, and 1 of those is a Taiho, they have a field day. No-ones AA stands a chance. On the flip side, Independences getting into Tier 8 heavy games can't do anything useful. In these situations described (which seem to happen a bit too much imo) CVs are either unstoppable or useless.


In short, if there are 3 different tiers of ships in a particular game (for example Tier 6-8), the CVs cannot be top or bottom. When there are 2 tiers in a game, this is not an issue.


Unfortunately even if this was an idea that the community (and WG) was interested in, I think we would need higher player numbers for CVs to make it work. 



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