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New Player looking for CO-OPT PLATOONS for SIMMS and below

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Hi, despite joining in BETA, i only starting playing December 1st and im still learning the game, which is very confusing, so im only playing co-opt at this time mostly SIMMS and low tiers under 5.  I play every night from 930 pm to 11 pm and sat, sun and tues from 6pm to 11pm and some weekend mornings too (all times r usa eastern).  I can play with or without TS. 


The SIMMS is my only tier 6 and above so im playing it exclusively for the ARP missions and IM on the last one for the tier 8 and have 35k to go.  I am a high skill player from WOTs and I have a 96% winrate in the SIMMS and went 48 games without a loss.


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I thought sims was a tier 7


But im doing the same as you, at 6000/40000 so 34,000XP to go on stage 5 of the ARP mission.

Except that I've been playing the Tier 7 Atlanta in coops to get the ARP mission done and I've actually been having a blast playing the Atlanta although I seriously doubt I could replicate the same performance in randoms.

I don't have any normal ships higher than tier 4 but playing Atlanta has allowed me to free XP up to the tier 6 Farragut/Cleveland/New Mexico.   So I've been trying to experiment with those tier 6s in coops to work on the mission, but Atlanta has been my most reliable base XP grinder so far. 


I think I've seen you a couple of times over the last few days in coops


If simms is the only tier 6 or higher ship you have you'll need to stick with Simms as none of your tier 5 or lower ships will help you with the ARP mission.


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