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Does the Taiho or Hakuryu have a more favorable matchup?

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What do you all think? I'm considering buying a premium camo for Taiho or Hakuryu, not sure which one will be a more effective experience earner, also which one has a quicker que?

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I have >100 battles in both so I can give you some thoughts. I consider both to be equal fun but here goes:



a) In the Hakuryu you'll 100% be top tier every game. In the Taiho you won't and your planes will always be shredded by Tier 9-10 CAs and USN BBs. In the Hakuryu that is not always the case (it happens less often if you're careful).

b) In terms of the loadout difference, that extra bomber in the Hakuryu makes an actual difference. You can split your bombers even more and have fires running on multiple loactions. This is assuming you're not sky-cancer and you actually play the IJN CV line the way it's meant to be played.

c) This is 100% personal experience but I feel that Essex can shut you down more effectively than a Midway (so does a Taiho against a Hakuryu).

d) In the event you get someone sneaking up on you, the Hakuryu is a Bismarck when it comes to secondaries.

e) You have to be good in every game with the Hakuryu, as most people in tier 10 that still play CVs are above the 60% range and will destroy you. Taiho can be more forgiving

f) RIDICULOUSLY LONG queue times in the Hakuryu. I've got a post somewhere here where I was waiting 25 minutes.

g) In the Hakuryu you'll keep facing tier 10 idiots ruining your every game in chat because you were focusing on something else rather than protecting their precious yoloing Yamato, G.K. etc that got torped by the enemy CV.

h) Because the Hakuryu is better armoured and has more hp, you can get closer to the enemy and be faster.

i) Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. You can see crazy +200k dmg in the Hak very easily.


My overall suggestion is to get the Hakuryu. With the economy fixes it is worth every compromise you make. Hope I helped!

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The idea of Taiho with her 3 TBs seeing poor Tier VII's is beyond hilarity.  I haven't played the high tier IJN CVs but I respect their power in the hands of a savvy player.  They are Team Carry Boats.

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