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Carrier UI issue (bugs out)

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Have had this happen every so often.



The selection/deselection and ability to give orders to planes appears to bug out.  IE, I have FG 3 selected, give it an order to go somewhere, then select a group of bombers to give them an order but the FG still remains selected.  I can't unselect it without selecting something else.


Worse, run all bombers in to hit a target and then the TBs won't separate from the DBs resulting in a very [edited]attack.


As well, I go to send a fighter group in behind some ships, in the zoom out it winds up being escort tasked on a ship - I cannot give it a new order EXCEPT for return to carrier, but cannot after that give it any other order until it rearms.  Had this happen perhaps a half dozen times in the course of the game now, so maybe once every month or two it bugs like that.


No idea why, but its annoying as hell.

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Buggy carrier UI has been around forever. But don't worry, they'll fix it soon


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Its kinda like how they said the fixed the audio bug with planes to where it sounds like they are firing their guns, but in reality aren't.


Or kinda like how there was a bug with planes not landing on CV's that lasted for a little to long.


Or even that time where on IJN CV's, it would show your 7th squadron always under attack even though it was on the deck of the CV.


Or just like that time when selecting two squadrons and rapidly selecting points on the map would kill your frame rate for unknown reasons.


It just gives a little bit extra to CV gameplay.

In all seriousness though, I haven't run into this problem after playing some 650 or so CV games.  Not sure what's happening but I doubt it isn't something a quick relog mid battle can't fix.  That's how I fixed the problem of the planes refusing to land ages ago, but it will be fixed...eventually.

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