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Equipment help for the NC

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Just  got my NC, not fully equipped yet, but I'm noticing the Stock range with the Artillery Plotting Room is 24Km... I dont intend to shoot at distance unless I have nothing else to shoot at. Would a better option be secondaries or better AA?


The AA mod boosts my stock AA to 90.

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AA for sure. 


If you go full AA build, the rating is well over 100.

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I always love having range, and AA is already good enough on NC fully upgraded with top modules & w/o any mods.

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+20% AA range, because everything else on that slot sucks for NC.

realistically, you don't even need anything in that slot.

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AA, after the Colly you dump the artillery plotting room 1. USN actually outranges its peers at tiers 8-9, and the Monty is only outdone by the Yamato, which has the longest range in the game.

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It really depends. The above ideas ain't bad at all.


So I'd like to give you a detailed elaboration the possible choices.


For captain:

1st Captain point:Basic Firing Training There is just nothing else better for a battleship with current captains.

2nd Captain point:Expert Marksman and please do not fall for anything else. 

3rd Captain point:Superintendent is by far the best choice, one extra heal is simply too good. However, Vigilance can be useful considering North Carolina actually got the speed to make use of it. Both are good, that will be to you to determine what suits you best.

4th Captain point:Advanced Firing Training is excellent, it helps against planes and not only American's BB can be good cover for your allies with their AA. But Survival Expert is not a bad choice if it adapts to your style and you feel like having a hard time to survive. American AA is pretty good at base and the secondaries range is not so great, you can also choose this.

5th Captain point: This one depends mostly on your 4th point. Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament if you picked "Advanced Firing Training" is by far the best if you combine both. You may also take if you chosen "Survival expert" but it's not so much optimal. if anything, I would strongly recommend you pick Concealment Expert if you picked "Surival expert" but you may also take if you chosen "Advanced Firing Training", this will means you got a good AA and you are more stealthy, which can be good for a more sniper style who can take a hit.


For equipment: 

1st slot:Main Armaments Modification 1 or Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1st one means your main turrets stay alive and you will extremely lose one. 2nd means your AA will never die when you CV bombers.

2nd slot: Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1 or AA Guns Modification 2  I strongly recommend the first one, it is unique to the USN and probably the best thing to have. However again if planes are an issue to you or you scared of them... 2nd one viable.

3rd slot:Damage Control System Modification 1 is all seems worth on a BB. 

4th slot: They all good choices. I personally prefer Steering Gear in case of torpedo beat! So choose on your play style!

5th slot: Concealment System Modification 1 A lot of people might disagree with me, but you not a German with the North Carolina. Target Acquisition System gives detection but means you also get detected. While it stack with Vigilance, it would be a waste to not use the American BBs nice concealment.


Enjoy your North Carolina!

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My build is BFT, XM, and Superintendent for captain skills. I intend to get AFT and MFCSA. For modules, I got Main Armaments Mod. 1, and Secondary Guns mod 1. I put in Target Acquisition Mod. 1, which I got from the Takao mission. I'm going for Damage Control Mod. 1 and Steering Gears mod. 1. That's how I'm running my NC.

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