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NA Server Daytime Twitch Community Online Now

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I have started a new wows twitch community for the NA server morning and afternoon hours. I will be streaming between 8am and 4pm monday through friday. From time to time i will also be online in the evening about 7pm. My twitch stream name is MackDye.


I am looking to run divisions and help people unlock their ships and finish special events like the current arppegio ahips event.


I am also willing to share my knowledge of the game, maps, and ships. I have been playing wows since january 2016. Before that i have been playing world of tanks on pc and console for the last few years. I am an xbox wot beta player and occasionally still play. I find wows more to my liking as it is more relaxing and has more strategy involved. Positioning, map awareness, and knowing your ships capabilities give you a great chance to outplay the opponent and i love that.


If you dont want to division and already know it all stop by for some fun conversation about various topics. Id love to hear your thoughts and perspective on things.


Edit: I just created a discord channel for viewers to use. The server name is MackDye WoWS.

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