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I've come to enjoy this ship, it is very reliable at long range although it suffers from horrendous maneuverability. And 4km torps? Sail me closer I want to hit them with my sword.


Here are some pointers:

Your are a sniper, do camp.

Your AP holds up moderately well at range, punish broadsides.

Load up on fire flags.

Angle preemptively, you rudder is bad and your turning circle is baaaaaaaaad.

Assume any AP shell that touches your ship is a citadel.

Don't charge BBs to torp, Fuso and NM in particular will mess up your face and you can't turn well enough to juke shells. (unless its from behind an island, your torpedoes are not softies)

Support you BBs, they will absorb fire and you will make their enemies live shorter lives, and a win is a win.



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love that ship 


Can anybody find me some Buddy to love?


Seriously, I've loved virtually every Russian cruiser past tier 5 including Kirov, Buddy, Shchors, and Chapayev. 

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