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Konigsberg - A Refreshing Win!

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I've been having several days of just plain old ho-hum battles. The grind has been a grind and not much enjoyment in the game. Today has been an extreme "up" day and reminds me why I do love this game so much. First game was a loss but the five after that were all wins and each one better than the last. The Konigsberg is one ship that will stay in my port forever. She is just amazing!


In this battle we were down in points but with plenty of time to turn things around. Red had 2 CV against me and one CV. Even though I can beat torps most times it is waaaay harder to deal with two CV's worth of planes and still close to engage the ship itself. I have to compliment our CV and give him much credit for the win as he provided some high quality air cover as he kept red's aircraft off of me as I closed in on red's CV's. Of course, once a CV is in a Konigsberg's sights then it is pretty much over. Thought I would share these results:


Personal score - someday I will get more than 6 kills...



Team Score - Go figure this was a bona fide T5 match, finally!



Details - Pretty much my highest damage total in Konigsberg to date.



Credits - $500k credits and near 26k captain XP (with all the flags flying). Getting real close to 15 points for the captain...



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Konigsberg is great, unfortunately Nurnberg is basically a slightly upgraded Konigsberg at Tier 6 which sucks.


This is the reason why I kept Konigsberg: :)  Skip to 0:30


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