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For The Empire!

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I have decided I very much like the British cruisers, they handle like US DDs but fire so so much better. I've seen people giving the RN CLs a hard time because they don't have HE, or they can't take a hit, however I think they've managed to create a really good and unique line. Looking forward to the Minotaur, that thing is bloody terrifying when you're in a DD and it pops up nearby.


Very typical Leander game for me.




Very first game in the Belfast



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I like them too, especially when they almost slow to a halt and then deploy the smoke screen.. It makes it so much easier to hit them.


it would be nice if they tweeked this a bit, too often do I see Brit CLs slow down to a near stop to smoke up, honestly I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I should just use a spotter p[lane. 

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