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North Carolina 3rd captain skill

NC Captain Skills  

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  1. 1. Which is the best captain skill for the NC?

    • High Alert
    • Vigilance
    • Superintendent
    • Dogfighting Expert (you troll)
    • Torpedo Acceleration (stop trolling)

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I am leveling a brand new captain on my new NorCar and he will be permanently on the NC. The plan for a 15 point build is next get AFT and CE but I am conflicted on what to get for the 3rd captain skill, there are a lot of very good BB skills to take. 


I like to push in so maybe I should get vigilance to spot torps, but I want to keep at the front so maybe I want high alert, but maybe I need superintendent for more heals. I always take premium consumables on all my BBs past tier 6.


I am very conflicted, anyone else have a 15 point NorCar or Iowa build and willing to share what they picked?

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Vigilance's effect can be almost completely replicated by TASM1.  North Carolina is also nimble enough to dodge on reaction without that skill in most instances.


High Alert sounds good on paper but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're using Jack of All Trades or plan to.  The extra 10% cooldown reduction becomes more noticeable when stacked with JoAT's 15% and November Foxtrot's 5% buffs for a total of 30% DC cooldown.  

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I like Vigilance.

NC has great concealment which means you can push in really close in the start of the game. But pushing in close also means you are a juicy target for enemy dd's first round of torp strike. So taking vigilance really helps here.


Superintendent would be a good pick for the second 3rd level captain skill after captain reaches 18 point.

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