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Tier 1 RN Fun (a sugestion)

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As an average (casual) player I don't do well in upper tiers... but I do fine in lower tier matches. I'm having a ball with the Black Swan. Its just fun to play. No stress... just sail, hide a bit and shoot accurately for citadels. I recall that WG decided some time ago that DD's were the smallest ships that it would make for the game. I'd really like to see WG revisit this decision... perhaps develop a variant on WoWs that includes just small ships of different types... not tiers but types. Patrol boats... cutters... torpedo boats, DE's and so forth.


During both World Wars, the small ships played important rolls in all theaters. There are many actions that could be the basis for maps and even a PvE module. The modeling costs would be low because the ship size would be small. I assume the algorithms are roughly the same and there is really no armor to model.


I think it would be raw, high speed and maneuverability pew pew pew fun.

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