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Steam Explosions

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Please add Steam Explosions to your bevy of ship destruction devices!  As the ship rolls over the cold seawater pours into the stack to the still red hot boilers and BOOM!!!!!  BIG, MASSIVE EXPLOSION as that seawater flashes to steam!  It is so cool looking to see, terrible to have happen to you, but as I survive so few games I would like to see some massive steam explosions rip my ship apart!  :amazed:


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OP, I like where you are going. I'd like to add a few more:


1) For Detonations, have a set of turrets blown into the air and part of the superstructure ripped up. The ship should sink in seconds.

2) For many BBs which can take a pounding, Bismark comes to mind, have them begin to get lower and lower in the water has they are pummeled with gun-fire and show gapping holes and twisted metal in their superstructure where they are hit.

3) When ships break in half, have one half sink really fast.

4) When turrets are hit and knocked out, show gapping twisted metal on the top of the turret or the guns as split and twisted


In general, I feel that ships take to long to sink after they are killed. Yes, there are times when rolling over and sinking slowly is fine. But, in detonations they should really go down fast and furious.

I like the mechanic suggested by the OP. Sometimes when a ship sinks it would be nice if occasionally there would be a secondary explosion of the boilers that causes the ship to immediately break up and sink quickly.


Also, it would be nice if a captain could beach his ship and it would just be a burning wrecked hulk laying on the beach. It would still die when its HP were exhausted, but the hulk would remain.


My basic request is that sinking ships be given more interesting ways to exhibit damage, detonations, and sinking.

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I think adding processor power to graphics that 99% of the playing public do not watch, they hit the back to port button and get into another ship, is a waste. Pay more attention to the environment aspect!.:look:


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