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Best teir... to grind

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Depends a lot on what you're good at. If you can handle poor gun arcs and tactical play, Farragut should be nice and easy, since destroyers are potent map controlling ships and USN DDs are fairly well-rounded—of great importance to you will be two things: the XP from capzones in domination, and the XP from ship damage is relative to total ship HP so bullying other destroyers is quite profitable. Budyonny might be a good option if you have good situational awareness but poor aim, because Russian cruisers have great guns and high-velocity shells, but they're also quite vulnerable to cannonade themselves. If you're able to read the map with prescience, battleships (especially, in lower tiers, the Japanese) will do wonders for you—the trouble is that to assure high performance you need to be close, and getting close without getting too close is difficult if you can't tell what's going to happen before it does.


If you want easy-mode hide-and-stab, IJN destroyers are a fast grind through T5. But be warned: the ship line with the least skill required quickly becomes the most difficult and arbitrary ship line after T5 or so.

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in my opinion:


if you're looking for a BB, the USN line is the smoothest grind

if you're looking for a Cruiser, the IJN line has some of the best low tier cruisers.

if you're looking for a DD, USN is fun if you're into gunboats, or IJN has stealth torp boats. either are fun for their respective strengths.

if you're looking for a CV, you should probably rethink your life choices. if you're still into it, go IJN.

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