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Found 2 results

  1. If I am zoomed in in a sub (currently in Salmon) and I dive while zoomed, I cant unzoom once underwater. I can zoom out once I resurface.
  2. For those who have participated in the latest PTS, for 0.9.1, I have a question I hope will be treated seriously. Did anyone else notice a intermittent hum or buzz, when zoomed in / in sniper view? So far I haven't seen anyone else mention it in the PTS feedback or bugs threads, but it's definitely there, and not there in the current or past Live patches. The sound settings in the replay are, of course ( ) not the same as in our actual game, so of course I can't pinpoint it in a replay to send in. Really hoping it can be isolated and fixed before 0.9.1 goes live. Thanks.