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Found 2 results

  1. This is to add the @Snargfargle Original post with Evidence of a match of zombie planes (dead players) doing a lot of DMG.. Here https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/247684-zombie-planes-game-pieces-vs-game-piece-ordnance/?tab=comments#comment-5624726 This request is not Intended for CM ( @Boggzy @Maredraco) though they should chime in at their weekly meeting with Ev1n Who hates getting forum page ... This is intended for Sub_Oct (game policy related)... I know he has kept his promise to treat CVs with child size gloves.. But enough is enough...Change the policy on CVs planes...This is to much. My recommendation is as follows... Change the planes parameters/classification to Ship's ordnance, not a continuation of the CV ship themselves.. By this I mean change of policy at the policy level so that these issues do not show up in Development nor in Q/A stage of production. That way everyone from Dept head down, follow the guidelines by the policy. Fix the AA mechanic! Stop treating CVs with kids size gloves... This should be fair not one sided... OR Only give CV planes one pass only once the CV is sunk. Again Policy changed to Ordnance... CVs planes are Ordnance. Thus if the ship is sunk planes only have one attack pass like everyone else. The following is the evidence to which IMO, would make anyone mad... It shows how much WG have gone to protect the planes of CV players, instead of treating them as ordnance... The FDR did OVER 65k DMG, take away 8k of that ( because he was alive at the time)... OVER 55k DMG after he was dead... Not only did he do so much DMG... But spotted our DD with his dead planes.. Our DD dead moments after... He (red CV) was dead for OVER 3 min and still did DMG AND influenced the match... 3 MINUTES! No other class has that luxury at high tier... This do not exist at low or mid tier.. This should anger every player in a match that a dead player gets to out DMG him... The very sad part of this exchange??? Dead player Does more 60k DMG/influence in a match then I, did with my AA... Took out our DD (w/spotting) My final results... 19k Plane DMG.. That is 1/3 less then what he did... 2 planes downed... This was IMO, the ultimate reason players' have a high disdain for the CV class. Replay of this battle is available upon request.. TY NP33
  2. I am not going to suggest a solution (that is up for the DEVs), I am going to complain about the zombie planes attacking ships, after the said ship out smarted/sunk the CV driver... Not only CVs are so disproportionate in DMG dealing (against small/medium ships), even when they're sunk by smart plays.. They still find a way with zombie planes to retaliate against the person who sunk them (by hovering over them for what seems like forever, or dropping a consumable to pinpoint the location of the said ship)... IMO, IF a CV is sunk by any ship class.. He shouldn't be able to retaliate against said player... Its over at that point... Replay instructions... Fast forward to the red CV's sinking. Press play and enjoy 20201018_225113_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay