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Found 1 result

  1. LukeChambers

    Zeppelins please!

    I've stopped playing world of warships shortly after subs were introduced to Random. In the new spare time I finally was able to finish a proposal for a new class of vessels, that would be fun to play and sit comfortably next to the submarines. Please introduce Zeppelins! Majestic giants of the sky, romantic air-borne castles, technological wonders of the age, large as battleships. A Tech tree should look like this: GERMANY: Tier IV: Type M, Tier VI: Type P, Tier VIII: Type X, Tier X: LZ131, militarized There must have been some design bureaus in the SOVIET UNION with marvelous Zeppelins (if they had been built), so there ought to be a RUSSIAN tech tree, as well. Premiums: GERMANY Tier IV: Type N; USA Tier VI: Shenandoah, Tier VIII: (edited:) Akron and Macon (can drop fighters!); GREAT BRITAIN Tier VI; R34 and R38. Zeppelins are slow and vulnerable, which wouldn't be fun to play. Therefore they should have exhaust smoke as a consumable, in line with Commonwealth ships. Weaponry: Zeppelins have unique lifting capabilities and could be armed with heavy, complex weaponry. Therefore they should have nuclear bombs. I propose two munitions: Air burst mode: obliterates 4 squares on the maps. DDs and CV are sunk. BBs and CL/CAs lose some health + maximum number of fires started. Friendly ships are immune. Underwater burst mode: obliterates one square on the map. All ships sunk. Friendly ships are immune. To balance this strong armament, reload times should be 60 seconds, or even 62 seconds. Zeppelins would be great fun to play. To maximize income, and keep our favorite game healthy, maybe Zeppelins should be strictly for doubloons only. The more expensive the better, to add a bit of exclusivity for whales like me. Pleeeease!