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Found 8 results

  1. Before I begin, I need to make something entirely clear. I am fully aware that even if this post gains traction, Zao will never receive a buff. In the most recent QnA, WG practically confirmed popularity of a ship is how they balance ships and I quote “Zao is one of the leaders in terms of battles played…” I personally think that statement in itself is [edited] but this isn’t the point of this post. I am here to prove how weak Zao is not by comparing her to tier 10s, but to tier 9s. In particular, Brindisi, Ibkui (direct predecessor), and Saint-Louis (the French one not the US one) which all have similar playstyles. The tool used to find the information for this comparison was the WoWs Fitting Tool or NA WoWs Numbers. The build of each ship is stock with the exceptions of the researchable upgrades of a ship (e.g. the b-hulls). Armour is not considered here as they all have similar values. TL;DR at bottom. Lets get the big one out of the way, Zao has very low HP... Zao Ibuki Saint-Louis Brindisi Already I hope you see why I am making this, the fact that Zao doesn't even see much of an improvement over her own predecessor is quite a negative. But the fact there are two tech tree tier 9 cruisers who play very similarly that have more HP than Zao is a problem (BTW, even if you put the best possible survivability expert on Zao, she only beats Brindisi by 1,000 HP). The increase in HP from the Ibuki is also quite minimal at 1,800 HP. For reference Brindisi to Venezia and Saint-Louis to Henri IV see a 6,000 HP and 12,400 HP increase respectively. I don't entirely mind if Zao is one of the squishier tier 10s because of her stealth (we'll get to that), but I do mind when tier 10 "heavy" cruisers have less HP than their tier 9 counterparts from other lines. Moving on from that, maybe Zao has amazing guns compared to other cruisers to account for the HP? It should be noted here that all of these cruisers have 203 mm guns. First lets looks at the accuracy... Zao (16.23 km) Ibuki (16.25 km) Saint-Louis (18.34 km) Brindisi (17.13 km) You may notice I included the max range of each ship this time, that is because at first it looks like that Zao and Ibuki have clear accuracy bonuses over the other two. But when considering that "max dispersion" is calculated at the ships maximum range, it becomes clear that Saint-Louis and Brindisi have almost identical accuracies to their Japanese counterparts. Okay what about DPM? I'm only looking at their primary ammo type rather as AP is quite situational and tends to have the same results anyway. There is a bit much info for me to just take screenshots and pop them here but here are the important things: Zao has actually got a pretty good DPM at 178 ,686 owing to being a T10 Ibuki is, as expected, lower at 144,526 Saint-Louis has the lowest at 137,455 but that can be boosted with MBRB to over 260,000 Brindisi wins due to the SAP at 187,200 but cannot set fires So the biggest take away here is that Zao's guns are actually tier 10 worthy, hurray we found something worthy of tier 10 (although they are pretty average at tier 10). What's next, how about consumables? So most lines have something to set them apart from others. American CAs have radar, Germans all get good hydro, Russian BBs have the fast DCP, and so on. So what notable consumables do these cruisers get to increase their effectiveness? Brindisi gets the excellent Fuel Smoke, commonly referred to by me and others as the get out of jail free card. Saint-Louis gets a buffet of consumables, but the most notable ones are +20% Spood Beest AND MBRB. Ibuki and Zao get... hang on, they get literally nothing apart from the standard set... Even the Germans, which get the same set, have an improved hydro. I'm gonna be honest here, I'm getting quite frustrated just writing this so I'm gonna go into a fast fire round to get the key points across: Zao and Ibuki have the best stealth, yay benefit (until the CV shows up) Zao and Ibuki have non-existent AA to help you when the CV shows up Zao is slower than all these boats (including Ibuki) Zao has a huge turning circle, even when you shift this comparison to tier 10 Sure, Zao and Ibuki get great torps, but the firing angles make them very awkward to use TL;DR/Summary: Look, the key point I'm trying to make is that, I can take Zao, compare it purely by the numbers and feasibly come to the conclusion that there are not just one, but TWO TECH TREE TIER 9 cruisers that are better than the oldest tier 10 cruiser in the game. As far as I can remember, Zao has had no major buffs or nerfs in the entire history of WoWs. It's current state is so bad that I can come to the above conclusion, and that's a shame. I really like Zao, but I just don't see a reason to play it when it can be outclassed by tier 9s let alone tier 10s, especially when ships like Napoli are being introduced (which does everything Zao does, with more HP and fuel smoke). As I said at the beginning WG explicitly stated that Zao must be in a good position because "Zao is one of the leaders in terms of battles played…" I honestly don't know how WG can say that with a straight face and I find it incredibly insulting. I'm gonna leave you with this to think about, if Zao is in the top four in number of battles played? Why is it in the bottom four in terms of Win Rate? Made with genuine concern, by a decent Zao player
  2. monpetitloup

    Zao 19pt captain build

    hey, what's the best 19pt build for zao captain? wiki: [hide] Recommended Commander Skills Cost (points) Endurance Attack Support Versatility 1 ★★★ ★ ★★ Χ Χ ★ Χ 2 ★ ★★ ★★ Χ Χ Χ ★★★ Χ 3 ★★ Χ ★★★ ★ 4 Χ Χ Χ ★★ ★★★ Key: ★★★ - Extremely Useful ★★ - Frequently Useful ★ - Occasionally Useful No stars - Meh Χ - Not recommended Flabass: Zao 10 Legendary module for more risky playstyle, alternatively use Gun Fire Control Modification 2 in Slot 6 for more range. PT PM EM AR SI DE BFT CE MAM1 DCSM1 ASM1 SGM1 CSM1 EMBSG Legendary module for more risky playstyle, alternatively use Gun Fire Control Modification 2 in Slot 6 for more range. PT EM AR SI DE CE RL MAM1 DCSM1 ASM1 SGM1 CSM1 EMB your thoughts?
  3. Silver_kun


    I just got the Zao yesterday and am loving the ship. Any advice/ captain builds would be greatly appreciated! I am also confused whether I should take hydro or DFAA, I don`t want to spend 3 points on vigilance while using DFAA. Also, I Intend to get Yamato(And then would like to shift Isoroku) and wanted to know if Zao will feel less powerful without Isoroku?
  4. Horama

    Zao troubles

    I’ve been having some problems with my Zao lately. I feel like I’m performing well in her, but I can’t seem to influence the match. My WR for her is 48%, far below my average, but my average damage, survival rate, K/D, etc. seem much higher than I would expect. Anyone have pointers for being more influential? here is a link to stats for reference: https://na.warships.today/player/1013751094/Horama
  5. So I happened to put all dispersion values for T10 Cruiser‘s (and a few random Cruisers to have a nice mix) into a nice chart to visualize how the Cruiser dispersion formula. Except this happened: (Excuse my handwriting, and that mistake I made there. I blame @Kaga_Kai_Ni) Every other Cruiser fits perfectly into that chart, with the dispersion/range ratio staying more or less constant (including rounding errors from WG‘s part). Except Zao... it‘s noticable off. Even adding the range mod it stays well below the line. For the sake of comparison Ibuki is also in there. She is normal. Just Zao... EDIT: Just for clarification, all values in the chart are stock unless noted otherwise (except that point I had to scratch out)
  6. I decided to get Zao legendary mod per flamu's advice. It took me 74 matches to get it. I decided to test it out. My play style with the Zao is that of long range open water sniper. It's a perfect counter to the island humpers. You have the dispersion and shell times to set fire to sitting targets. The biggest drawback is that your rudder shift is not fast enough to avoid getting citadeled. The legendary mod mitigates it that most ships leave you alone after a salvo because they're either missing or the shells are bouncing off. If you have a spotter plane mod 1 and are [edited] that you can't use it, this is the perfect ship to use it in. You can extend the spotting time to 130 seconds. Now, my average is around 62k damage. This is the result of the first use of the Legendary mod. So I'll be trying it out in Clan Battles and see if it works.
  7. First time I start a topic, so please be gentle. Opinions welcome and encouraged. First of all, I am a Zao enthusiast. And this will be a Cruiser Vs. Cruiser centered article. Second, I have lived the stealth fire era, which was kind of this ships does whatever the crap it likes to(mostly staying far away HE spamming). Third, I have lived Zao's demise as its distinguishing characteristic was removed from game making the ship somewhat unbalanced as the other ships of its class did not see their treats affected. Now to current times, the torpedo choice is more than welcome however this is a Heavy Cruiser and not a Torpedo Boat(also, those weird and absolutely random firing arcs. Take Admiral Graf Spee as an example, also has stern mounted launchers yet has great firing arcs.). So even as being an upgrade as it is it does not give it an edge, in particular as they do not fire rearwards and that would be a chasing deterrent tool. So lets compare the roles of ships of the class by their damage output: Alpha Strike AP Shells Henri IV: 9Bx6200HP=55800HP(3rd) Zao: 12Bx5400HP=64800HP(2nd) Des Moines: 9Bx5000HP=45000HP(5th) Worcester: 12Bx3200HP=38400HP(6th) Hindenburg: 12Bx5900HP=70800HP(1st) Moskva: 9Bx5800HP=52200HP(4th) Minotaur: 10Bx3200HP=32000HP(7th) Damage Per Minute AP Shells Henri IV: 9Bx6200HP=55800HPx4.9=273420HP(7th) Zao: 12Bx5400HP=64800HPx4.4=285120HP(6th) Des Moines: 9Bx5000HP=45000HPx10.9=490500HP(3rd) Worcester: 12Bx3200HP=38400HPx13=499200HP(2nd) Hindenburg: 12Bx5900HP=70800HPx5.5=389400HP(4th) Moskva: 9Bx5800HP=52200HPx5.8=302760HP(5th) Minotaur: 10Bx3200HP=32000HPx18.75=600000HP(1st) Alpha Strike HE Shells Henri IV: 9Bx3400HP=30600HP(2nd) Zao: 12Bx3400HP=40800HP(1st) Des Moines: 9Bx2800HP=25200HP(6th) Worcester: 12Bx2200HP=26400HP(5th) Hindenburg: 12Bx2500HP=30000HP(3rd) Moskva: 9Bx3100HP=27900HP(4th) Damage Per Minute HE Shells Henri IV: 9Bx3400HP=30600HPx4.9=149940HP(6th) Zao: 12Bx3400HP=40800HPx4.4=179520HP(3rd) Des Moines: 9Bx2800HP=25200HPx10.9=274680HP(2nd) Worcester: 12Bx2200HP=26400HPx13=343200HP(1st) Hindenburg: 12Bx2500HP=30000HPx5.5=165000HP(4th) Moskva: 9Bx3100HP=27900HPx5.8=161820HP(5th) As you can observe Zao comes out champion only in HE Alpha Strike(Certainly not the greatest asset.). There is also a clear role distinction between DPM and Alpha Strike ships, Zao being part of the latter. Now in the wiki the ship is described as the ninja that gives a killer blow and vanishes like a gasp of wind a thing that seldom happens in practice. It also lacks both smoke screen and/or radar(a thing that should see some sort of countermeasure soon). It does have however good odds of landing several shells at range(As it has the better dispersion and among the fastest shells) even to faster moving ships. But the game at range is a very different one. When you get close to another cruiser or happen to meet one up close you either expect the captain in charge sucks or to meet Davy Jones pronto. As you have seen with the previous data and your personal knowledge of the game due to being playin tier 10 the ships has no tools at all to deal with another cruiser at close range(lower fire rate, lower HP pool, no BB class armor, no good torpedo arcs). So to start closing this wall of text, the point here is to propose a small change to Zao as to give it a few more odds of coming out victorious of a close encounter with another cruiser and I have personally considered two options, also these being one or the other. 1st: Since WG decide to tweak the torpedo armament, that option works in a somewhat different fashion. If the ship sports Type 93 torpedoes they should have the classic rear firing arc of IJN heavy cruisers and if the ship sports the shorter range torpedoes to give it a more brawling capable arc(yes a forwardish firing arc and no F3s as they would be damn OP) with a longer reload time than current. 2nd: To create its own unique consumable in the like of a Banzai charge for let's say 30 seconds in which the ship goes sort of berserker with a faster reload rate and improved maneuverability and somewhat more damage tolerant, this with a long cooldown and little charges so as to not promote abuse of it(like, see that dude around the island, he's done). Anyhow, this is not a "Zao sucks" post. I do like the ship, yet I see that the changes in the game have left it victim of power creep. For those who took the time to read though, thank you for your time and fair seas.
  8. verkhne

    Type 93 Mod 3

    So if my Zao has this torp type researched how come my Yugomo doesn't have them? The Zao also has the F3 torps so shouldn't the Yugomo get these torp modules automatically? ( I may be thinking old school here....)