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Found 19 results

  1. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?
  2. Should I Quit the Line

    So I have grinded (ground?) up to Yugumo and nearly unlocked Shimakaze, but honestly, I don't see any reason to continue with playing this line. It's just so pathetically outclassed by every other line in nearly every way. The torps have good damage, but now I see that it's just a gimmick. When 3-6 torpedoes land, there really won't be a difference between Yugumo's 20k damage per torp and Fletcher's...well 20k damage. Either way, it's a dev strike on anything. They are frankly mediocre compared to the other nations except for the Russians. Seriously, for a torpedo focused line and for having the best torps in the world historically, these torps are not usable. 1.7(8?) detection range is just not acceptable. On top of that, the guns are just woeful. And before some keyboard warrior waltzes in here and says "Oh, you have a 100-200 meter spotting advantage, which makes the line balanced.", I'm sorry, but only super unicums can put that detection to use. If an average player, i.e. me, is sailing at 37 knots in one direction, then a Fletcher pops up 200 meters away coming towards me, there is no way for me to avoid being spotted. I don't even have the speed to get away. Anyway, the point is, I'm borderline about to sell my Yugumo and start on another line. I'm looking for anyone out there to try and convince me otherwise, or to help choose a new line.
  3. I'm a little salty tonight so here are my top complaints about IJN DDs and DDs in general. Its a bit of a rant. 1. Isnt it kinda crazy that the Kagero (9.4km guns, 10km torps) can get matched against ships with radar that have a longer range then her main guns and torps? Missouri radar - 10.5km, Indy 10.5 and so on and so forth. I feel like the mechanics of the game now are really against 'old school' DDs. Power creep of cruisers and BBs at higher tiers. Maybe that's fair I don't know but I find it very hard to have a significant impact on games the higher I go in DDs. Especially in IJN ones. To actually get decent torp hits is so much harder: hydro, spotter planes, radar - all working against DDs torps. 2. Whats with these super maneuverable BBs at high tiers and super powerful secondaries? Trying to torp an Izumi, Montana or an Iowa is really tough. Some of the BBs seem tovbe as just maneuverability as cruisers. Yes the BBs capts are probably that good but thats not all of it. It feels like BBs really have an edge at higher tiers. This may be what WG wants but as a DD player its dam frustrating. Better to play at lower tiers really. 3. The Kagero. What a pain that ship was. The only thing I liked was her concealment but god help you if you get spotted and your guns are pointed the other way. Why are those turrets so dam slow to turn even with the upgrades? 4. I just got the Yugumo and she is definitely better than the kagero, longer guns, better torp and HP etc but compared to the Fletcher at the same tier, i really find her to be a lackluster ship. OK but not great. I feel like that line of IJN DDs has been neglected by WG. Everything else seems to have improved but not those?? 5. Curious to hear peoples thoughts on the state of IJN DDs in the game
  4. These Ships. How Do?

    I’m starting up this topic because I have a handful of ships that I do terribly in / just plain curious as to how other people play it. So feel free to discuss whatever tips / tricks you have with these ships if you want. :) 1st ship: Yugumo For my first tier IX, I would say that I actively avoid playing this ship. To be fair to it, it’s still pretty much stock so there’s room for improvement. But so far, to me it just feels like a Kagero that always sees tier IX games. It’s slow, torps can be seen from space, practically defenseless when spotted. I have it specced for torpedo attacks and stealth, with TRB instead of smoke and I recently unlocked the type F3 torps. Eventually I plan on getting TA with the 12km torps, which seems like a good compromise. I just can’t seem to hit anything with the torps. Once I shadowed an engaged Zao with only torps selected the entire time. He was broadside straightlining, I launched from 6km away and they were dodged at the last second like they were nothing. Kinda disappointing for 76knt torpedoes. 2nd ship: Emerald I don’t hate this ship as much as I just don’t click with it. I try to play it a bit like my iwaki (an oversized DD) and sometimes I get a decent game; 50-60k dmg, nothing special. But most of the time I just get frustrated at the AP shattering on BB superstructures. Maybe it’s my target selection, but I don’t seem to have any luck when firing at cruisers either, they practically have to be broadside for the AP to do anything. On a side note, I noticed the Emmy has a 19mm belt on her bow. Is it possible to even remotely bow tank with her? The one time I tried, I just blew up so I never tried again. But is it possible, even in theory? 3rd ship: T-22 Now I’ve actually finished grindig this ship, but I’m curious as to how people play her. I heard people say they didn’t like her; I kinda did. I mostly played the ship as a close range brawler when top tier, and a torpedo boat when at the bottom. Her guns have pretty good dps if the managed to deal any damage, and rotate a full 360 degrees. Because of this I would normally charge into smoke to flush any dds out (bonus points if they were pan-asian). Firing a slavo of torps and then guns, with a second salvo in reserve. The turrets turn slow, so I had specced as much as I could to improve that. I also have to say that getting that slight detection buff was nice, as having only .5km buffer for a torp launch when bottom tier was rough, and made her all that bit more enjoyable to play. I usually gired HE into BB superstructures and cruisers for fire, and a mix of AP and HE on DDs depending on the situation. Feel free to throw any insights/ constructive criticism this way! I’m curious as to how others play these ships.
  5. Have this weird battle today, super hydro-like Izumo and a ultra survivable Benson, took me 3 torpedo hits to kill him and total 3 torps damage only 11183hp. Is this normal or enemy team is hacking?
  6. Any idea why I have to choose between smoke and accelerated torp reload? Why can't I put one of them in the +8% speed slot?
  7. So I got the Kagero a few days ago. Its been a boat load of fun with her, I don't think ive had that much fun since I got my Minotaur a while back. I just love the Kagero with TRB. But now I got the Yugumo (it was a blast to grind the Kagero). The Yugumo, I'm gonna use it with TRB more than smoke, and I have a 15 point Cap on her with 3 points available now (current build is PT, EM, LS, SE, CE). For the next 3 cap points, I was thinking of Torp Armament Expertise (10% reload times), but the Survivability I think its also important. Whats better, the TAE or the Survivability? I'm actually thinking of removing the EM and put Jack of all trades. Since I'm mainly going to use it as a torp boat, it would make sense, right? What have others done? I know EM brings the guns from 22.5s to 17s for 180 degree turn, but since the guns would be used very little, would it make sense to just remove EM and add Jack? Have others used the guns on the Yugumo a lot and picked smoke instead of TRB? How much does it make sense to pick smoke VS TRB on the Yugumo? (I know on the Kagero makes a huge difference). Thanks....
  8. I've recently unlocked the Yugumo in my grind to the Shimakaze, and have been confliced on the choices possible on the ship. In my experience thus far, I've found the F3 torpedoes to be the best, as for whatever reason I never seem to hit anything using the 12km type 93. I had great success using the TRB over the smoke with the latest patch in the Kagero, but on the Yugumo with F3s I found that the lack of smoke was getting me murdered a bit too easily. I'd be very interested in what other players' builds are, whether or not many people use the buffed TRB, and which torpedo to use (Type 93 Mod.3 or F3) on the Shimakaze when I eventually get there. My captain build (it's a pleb 10 point) atm is PM/LS/TAE/CE.
  9. Alright guys, blasphemy I know. But here's my thinking: (This is very rough, back of the napkin math, so I fully expect someone to counter with an argument that completely invalidates this.) So, in the upcoming patch, all IJN DD torp reload boosters will be unified to 8s, compared to 30s that's currently on the Yugo. That's a massive difference. Right now, in the Yugo, with the Captain's skill and the module, I have an 85.7s reload time. Pretty quick for IJN. In a 16 minute game *without* the booster, I can get off 18 salvoes of torps, assuming I loose them as soon as they come off cooldown. The torp reload booster takes 4 minutes without any consumable speeder uppers like flags and captain's skills. Add those in, and you get 4 more salvoes, going up to 22 (theoretically.) And during those 4 boosted reloads, in the span of 10s, I can loose FOUR spreads of 4 torps each. Which can cover a massive area, and when played right can stack floodings on a BB, which is absolutely fatal. The Shimi, with the upgraded torps, has a reload time of 112s (with module and captain skill). No reload booster, giving you, in 16 minutes, a max of 11 torp salvoes of 15 torpedoes each. That's a lot. But with a much longer reload time in between. Add to this, the Yugo's 5.5km detection vs 6.1 with the Shimi. Allowing you to out-stealth everything at your tier except for Kageros, if only by a couple/few hundred meters. Is there any argument to be made that Yugumo might have an advantage over the Shimi after the patch hits?
  10. Hello captains, So, we all have those certain ships that we can't make work or gel with. No matter what you do, it just seems certain vessels just don't fit right. With that being said, Yugumo is that latest ship for me. For most of the IJN DD line, I've had pretty decent success. But with her, it just seems I can't find the right fit. I've tried her as a pure torpedo boat, but the WASD hacks are too strong most of the time (with both the F3's and 10km torps). Tried the torp reload booster on top of that. Heck, even out of frustration, I've even built her as a gunboat setup, but nothing seems to click. In that mindset, I'm going to ask the wisdom of our community.....how did you find success with Yugumo in the current meta?
  11. Real simple question.....is Yugumo a viable gunboat when spec'd accordingly? Using her as a pure torpedo build, I'm finding its an all or nothing proposition. Some games are fantastic, where many others are too prone to WASD hacks by the enemy team and the damage rolls are pitifully low. How do you spec your Yugumo?
  12. Introduction: Yūgumo is in all but the gun a lesser Kagero. Even though situated a tier higher than the Kagero, the HP pool remains pretty much the same. Comparing to the Kagero, Yūgumo's gun and torpedo tube configuration further restrict her firing angles. Worse firing angles aside, Yugumo's over all handling is also less than that of the Kagero. Being in the top match making bracket, Yugumo will also consistently encountering radars and other destroyers with better camo values. Ship Characteristics Key Notes: Please visit Wargaming's wiki site for more details, this section covers some ship characteristics that are not listed in the wiki. All values given are for top configuration. Camo - 5.5 km with Concealment Expert (CE) and Concealment System Modification 1. But don't be over confident, not only Yūgumo will encounter Kagero (better camo value) and Gearing (6 km camo, leaving the Yugumo little time to evade). Torpedoes - The tubes' firing angle is even more restrictive than the Kagero. Due to the configuration of the tubes it is ONLY possible for Yugumo to fire her torpedoes when turning almost perpendicular to the intended target. Trying to knife fight using torpedoes against fast moving targets (including fast moving BBs like USN end tier BBs) are impossible in close range or in tight environments. Yugumo cannot effectively poke islands or surprise the enemy around corners due to the configuration. Yugumo MUST preemptively orient the ship in order to anticipate a torpedo attack. See Kagero guide for torpedo run guidelines. Follow link in Kagero guide for general torpedo firing guidelines, as well. Guns - The guns are essentially the same as Kagero but with about 20% increase in firing rate and range. With both Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 (GFC 2) and Advanced Firing Training (AFT), the gun's range can reach 15 km. But even with great shell velocity the arc of the gun is so high it is virtually impossible to hit anything at 15 km. Recommendation is to use either AFT or GFC 2 to increase the gun's range to 12.8 - 13.5 km. The range is enough for stealth firing and still allows the gun to arc over all but the highest obstacles. At 15 km, the travel time of the shells are so long the aiming reticle would have to be very zoomed out for adequate lead, decreasing accuracy. The fire chance sounds great on paper, but due to the relatively low firing rate and travel time it is not recommended to relying on fire as a major source of damage. To drive home the point, Fletcher (same tier USN DD) or Gearing (tier X, but same match making bracket) both have almost twice the firing rate of Yugumo with only 28% less fire chance per shell - effective fire chance is much much higher. The gun turrets traverse extremely slowly. Guns should be pre - orientated to the correct side of the ship. Treat Yugumo in a gun fight as if it is a battleship. Fast turning gun duels is highly disadvantageous for Yugumo and should be done as a last resort. Firing below 11 km range will result in fairly flat arc. Together with the high shell velocity, Yugumo can accurately attack even fast moving targets. At range more than 11 km, shells' arc is too high to hit anything but stationary or straight moving targets. At the theoretical maximum range of 15 km, hitting anything is up to the will of the gods. Gun front limit. Gun aft limit. The ship can stealth fire beyond 9.5 km distance from the enemy. But be aware its air detection when firing is 5.5 km, so in a sky filled with CV sky cancer cells stealth firing might be difficult. Ship Size - The Yugumo is huge, almost as long as some battleships [might be an exaggeration]. Sitting perpendicular to potential torpedo paths is highly dangerous. Due to the ship's size, turning the ship 180 in tight spaces is not possible. Enemies will not miss the Yugumo when its broadside is presented towards them. Handling - Acceleration from zero to top speed requires 24 seconds. De-acceleration from max speed to stationary requires 12 seconds. Reaching full reverse speed of 14 knots requires 12 seconds. Full U - turn will reduce the ship's speed from maximum to 30 knots. Due to the long acceleration times it is not possible to dodge torpedo salvos from stationary. Therefore it is vital to point the ship's bow or aft towards potential direction of torpedo attacks. Due to the gun configuration, in order to maximize fire power while maintain survivability, (if Yugumo is hiding in a smoke cloud) it is recommended to point the aft of the ship towards the enemy (two turrets our of the three). Corner poking is not recommended. The ship's top speed only occurs when going straight, any turns will drastically lowering the ship's speed and consecutive turns might as well reduce the ship to a standing still. To decrease ship's speed drastically for emergency smoke, a hard turn as well as putting the engine in full reverse is recommended. Using Engine Boost while doing hard turns is also recommended to retain speed. The ship's top speed of only 35.5 knots essentially making Yugumo unable to escape gunboats or even some very fast cruisers and battleships. Plan movements ahead. Edit: It's virtually impossible to escape a USN CV torpedo drop. Don't get spotted by aircrafts. HP Pool: With only 15500 points of HP, Yugumo can be killed in a single torpedo hit from a DD. Two hits from aircraft torpedoes. With almost 25% lower HP pool than gunboats, gun duels are highly suicidal. Yugumo has a high risk of death even in a 2 v 1 situation against a gunboat of the same tier. Mistakes will be severely punished. It is also not rare for extremely high caliber BB shells to do crippling damage to the Yugumo. Yugumo often would not survive a full salvo of AP shells, even with over pen, from ships such as Kurfurst and Yamato, or Montana. Captain Skill Recommendations: 1. Preventive Maintenance 1 Point 2. Last Stand 2 Points 3. Torpedo Armament Expertise 3 Points 4. Concealment Expert 4 Points Only above four is "necessary" anything else is up to the players and their preferred play styles. Vigilance may have some valuable utility due to Yugumo's forward position in a fleet and can help both spotting torpedoes for herself as well as the team. Radio Direction Finding (RDF) is extremely helpful. It allows Yugumo to pre - orientate the ship in the anticipation of a torpedo run on ships behind cover. With RDF and ship's camo value it is also possible for Yugumo to execute a charge towards the enemy smoke screen, have a fairly good idea of the enemy's location inside the screen and unleash her payload of torpedoes accurately onto target. Play Style: Mentality: Due to the deadly damage output of high tier CVs, good camo value as well as fire power of high tier DDs, and long radar range of high tier cruisers. Patience is the key. Do not be lured into over extension by the good camo value. Execution: Unlike the previous tier, Kagero. The good range as well as adequate firing rate of Yugumo's guns allow the ship to rain shells from a safe distance at the start of a match. Damage can be farmed at the beginning from a safe distance on spotted enemy ships, setting them on fire and forcing them to use their repair prematurely. The adequate firing rate of the guns also allows Yugumo to assist in DD gun fights with its high velocity flat trajectory shells under 11 km range. Due to the prevalence of long range radars. It is highly not recommended for Yugumo to sit in smoke, especially a smoke in the open. Finding a firing position near hard cover is favorable. Do not sit in smokes while enemy DDs are either not spotted or when the smoke cloud is within enemy torpedo range. Yugumo's acceleration is inadequate for her to escape a torpedo attack. List of ships with radar - keep open while playing for quick reference. It is recommended for Yugumo to keep her guns silent and be the forward spotter for friendly gunboats and cruisers at the start of a fight. Let your team take care of enemy destroyers. Once enemy destroyer screen is spent and radar exhausted, Yugumo can utilize its camo value for close in torpedo attacks on the enemy targets. Fast velocity of F3 torpedoes allows good chance to hit enemy cruisers. If close in torpedo attack opportunities are not available then stay at range and support the team with gun fire. Due to the good base gun range, the ship can farm experience even with stock configuration. But also due to the gun's overall low firing rate, using them as a primary source of damage may not be the best play style. To stay in stealth firing range puts Yugumo well away from her torpedo range (F3) and may not allow her to take full advantage of valuable opportunities for decisive damages. Keep track of fast moving enemy destroyers and cruisers. If they get too close, Yugumo may not be able to escape due to her low top speed. Additional Thoughts: Though in a much tougher match making bracket (as in higher chance to meet tier 10s). Yugumo is strangely more pleasant to play than Kagero, mostly due to her adequate gun range. Yugumo's influence on a match is limited, in certain match ups (for example, facing a competent CV player) Yugumo can be made completely inert. Due to the low HP pool and horrific ship handling, any mistakes are punished by either death or crippling damage. Any player that learned valuable lessons from driving Kagero can definitely excel in Yugumo. But playing the ship against the current meta is extremely difficult. The ship's disadvantages greatly out weights its advantage (singular, it has only one advantages - camo). Even the F3 torpedoes are questionable in value Not only its range short. With only 8 per salvo, Yugumo simply does not have the torpedo density to break up a determined enemy push. Too many things can go wrong and deliver instant death to Yugumo. Yugumo should be, as any IJN DDs really, be a part of a three - ship division. Grouping up with ships that compliment her spotting ability. Keeping your team's Yugumo alive can tip the game to your favor. The mere presence of Yugumo is enough to stall a push and force enemies to burn hydro, radar, not to mention forcing BBs to maneuver and expose their broadsides. Having lived through all the gloom and doom, Yugumo can be a very rewarding ship. ps: issm senpai noticed me and sank me with a cross torp drop. hi issm! Edit: holy crap the entire article was disastrously written. Fixed things.
  13. So the Yūgumo is worst performing DD at tier 9, and it's not a shocker why. She's a Kagero, at tier 9, with better AA (but still at anemic levels that makes your AA completely irrelevant), 1 extra torpedo option, slightly faster firing guns, and worse concealment. That's it. And while hailed as being part of the now terrible "torpedo focused DD line" She has the worst ranged torpedoes of any tier 9 destroyer, tied with the Udaloi, which is an overpowered mess that would still outperform it's counterparts if it had it's torpedoes removed. Seriously, 8 kilometers? This effectively makes it so that if there are any ships with radar, or even catapult fighters, even attempting to enter torpedo range is an immediate death sentence. Not to mention becoming immediately useless the second a semi-competent CV is in the game, as it will spot you, and more importantly your torpedoes for the duration of the match. Extremely frustrating. Giving the Yūgumo access to the Shimakaze's Type 93 mod.3 torpedoes would remedy some of the issues with this ship, by allowing it operate at any capacity without being forced to be in radar range of enemy ships, something every other tier 9 destroyer is more than capable of, and will help her perform on a level more on par with her tier 9 DD counterparts. Edit: For those who do not know, the Type 93 mod.3 has a range of 12km.
  14. Akizuki or Yugumo?

    Hello captains, I'm currently up to Kagero (over half way done her) and Akizuki on the IJN DD lines. Once I'm finished grinding Kagero, is it worth my time putting any effort into Akizuki, considering she only leads back to Kagero on the tech tree? Or should I just put my time into Yugumo and continue the journey to T10?
  15. Introduction First let me introduce myself. I'm tmGrunty on the EU server with over 2000 games and a solo win rate of over 61%. I only play destroyers and I consider myself to be quite good in them. I also occasionally stream on Twitch.tv and upload game replay videos to my YouTube channel. Since the IJN DD split I saw many Yūgumo players in my games or on streams and almost all of them performed very poorly. In fact, its recent stats on warships.today are worse than the old T9 ones even though the Yūgumo is a vastly improved Version of its predecessor the Kagero. It is a very versatile ship than can fulfil multiple roles in a battle depending on the situation and the setup. So, let me tell you more about my new favourite ship and show you how it should be played. The stats The base values provided in this section are just the ship stats on Hull B with the Type F3 torpedoes and the Type9 mod. 2 Gun Fire Control System mounted. The final values include the upgrades and flags I use and my choice of captain skills. Base values Final values Survivability Hit Points 15500 19100 Artillery Range 11.1 km 11.1km Traverse 25.7 sec 18.9 sec Reload 5.7 sec 5.1 sec Damage 1800 HE / 2200 AP 1800 HE / 2200 AP Fire Chance 7% 8% Torpedoes Range 8.0 km 8.0 km Speed 76 kts 76 kts Detectability Range 1.9 km 1.9 km Reload 104 sec 88.4 sec Damage 21369 21369 AA Defense Firing Range 3.1 km 3.1 km Combined DPS 58 64 Maneuverability Maximum Speed 35.5 kts 37.3 kts Turning Circle Radius 640 m 640 m Rudder Shift Time 3.6 sec 2.9 sec Concealment Sea 7.0 km 5.5 km Air 3.9 km 3.2 km Research and Consumables The Yūgumo only has three upgrades and the first one you should research is the B hull. It provides additional hit points and AA DPS and also reduces your rudder shift time. After that your next upgrade depends on your captain. If he already has the Concealment Expert perk you should spend your XP on the F3 torpedoes next as they are your main weapon. However, without that skill it is too dangerous to get in range to launch those and you should instead stick with the stock torpedoes and get the Gun Fire Control System first. I highly recommend using premium consumables as those not only provide an additional charge but also lower the cooldown drastically. Upgrades 1st slot: Main Armament Mod. 1 to increase the hit points on your guns and torpedo launchers. If you want to save detonation flags, then Magazine Mod. 1 is a viable alternative too but you will probably lose a torpedo launcher occasionally. 2nd slot: Aiming System Mod. 1 is set as there are just no good alternatives to it. 3rd slot: You have the choice to either improve your torpedo reload with Torpedo Tube Mod. 3 which is what I'm using or to increase your gun range with Gun Fire Control System Mod. 2. 4th slot: Propulsion Mod. 1 because not losing your engine at all is better than relying on Last Stand. 5th slot: I prefer Steering Gears Mod. 2 since you shouldn't be sitting broadside in a smoke screen anyway and dodging incoming shells by wiggling is better than changing your speed. 6th slot: Concealment System Mod. 1 to improve your stealth level. Flags You are not required to use any flags but there are certain ones that provide minor improvements and make your Yūgumo even more deadly. Charlie flag to prevent detonation of the ship Sierra Mike to increase your speed Juliet Whiskey Unaone for more flooding Victor Lima for more flooding and fire chance India X-Ray to increase the fire chance even more November Foxtrot to reduce the cooldown on the consumables Captain skills Even though the F3 torpedoes are amazing the Yūgumo is a hybrid destroyer and that is reflected in my choice of captain skills. Basic Firing Training, Last Stand, Vigilance, Survivability Expert and Concealment Expert for the first 15 points are straight forward. You could take Superintendent instead of Vigilance if you play in divisions a lot and want to assist your allies with an additional smoke charge. However, the biggest threat for your ship are random torpedoes and Vigilance helps dodging those. In my opinion 11.1km range on guns is already enough and therefore I choose Survivability Expert over Advanced Firing Training. If you really want to increase your gun range my advice would be taking Gun Fire Control System Mod. 2 instead. The 17th point on your commander offers you the ability to specialize your ship. You can either reduce the reload of your torpedoes even further with Torpedo Armament Expertise or you buff your guns with Expert Marksman by reducing the traverse time to 18.9 seconds. The latter offers a far greater benefit in most situations as it lets you keep your guns on target during turns and therefore I take that. The intended final build for my Yūgumo captain is: BFT LS Vig SE CE EM After that you can spend the 18th point on Basics of Survivability. Strength and Weaknesses The good With only 5.5 km detection range the Yūgumo is the second stealthiest destroyer in its matchmaking and only gets out spotted by the Kagero at 5.4 km. However, in contrast to the old Fubuki the new Kagero on T8 is not very popular and most players you encounter on that ship are just grinding through it. Therefore, it is very likely that they don’t have a 15-point commander with the Concealment Expert perk yet. Your main weapon will be the glorious F3 torpedoes which in my opinion are tied for the best in game with the Fletcher torpedoes. Their reaction time might not be the best but they are lightning fast and deal a huge amount of damage. Yūgumo also has the best 127 mm guns of all IJN destroyers. Not only does it have the fastest reloading guns, those also have the greatest range. With full concealment, you have a 1.8 km stealth fire window that could be increased even further with upgrades or captain skills. The bad The AA on the Yūgumo is pitiful. You don’t have dual purpose guns and your range and DPS is low. Don’t expect to shoot down any planes of your tier or higher. You can leave your AA on the whole time as your range is lower than your detectability by air. The maneuverability is nothing to write home about either. 35.5 kts make her the slowest T9 destroyer and the rudder shift time and turning circle radius are worse than its USN counterpart the Fletcher. How to play Know your enemies At the start of each battle you first want to identify what could possibly ruin your game. Obviously, the biggest threat for you are carriers and there is not much you can do about them. You can only ask your own CV to provide air support with fighters or stick close enough to your fleet so you can run back to them if planes are approaching you. Smoking won’t help you much as the CV can just park his planes and wait for the smoke to disappear or he drops into the smoke and you will probably see the torpedoes too late to dodge them. It is also very likely that the enemy destroyers will send torpedoes into your smoke. Another threat are cruisers with radar. However most of those have a rather high detection themselves so you can easily spot them outside of their range and just avoid contact. It is crucial to know which cruisers can mount radar, how far it reaches and how long it lasts. Finally, you have to be careful with USN gunboat destroyers. Luckily for you their detection is worse than yours and therefore you can decide how an encounter will play out. A fight with a Benson or a Fletcher will be very ugly and even though I think those are winnable due to your rear facing guns and the F3 torpedoes I advise against it. You will lose a lot of health yourself and that is just not worth it. If you can keep them spotted do that otherwise disengage. Initial caps After you have identified your threats, you want to move towards the cap. Inside the cap I like to slow down and stay near the border. Keep an eye on the timer to see if an enemy destroyer enters the cap zone. If that happens you want to slowly move toward the enemy side to spot him. Don’t go to fast and keep an angle so you can turn away and don’t get detected yourself. Once the enemy is detected pay attention to his reaction. If he uses smoke wait a bit and check his speed and then launch torpedoes toward his likely position in smoke. Use narrow spread and try to cover a wide area of the smoke with both launchers. You should then leave the cap zone as this will allow the enemy DD to continue capping which makes it more likely that he will stay in his smoke. If the enemy destroyers leaves the cap you can continue your capping process. Be aware of where he was and the direction where torpedoes might be coming for you. Angle away back towards your own team and leave the cap as soon as you have the cap. The most difficult situation occurs when the opposing destroyers decides to charge you. Your reaction then depends on the circumstances. If your support is good enough you can try to keep him spotted while staying undetected yourself. You might smoke and start firing your guns if someone else is spotting him or maybe you have to run away. I can’t give general advise here and you will learn over time what the best play is. Remember you can your torpedoes to force a ship charging you to turn into a certain direction. Mid game Map awareness is the key of being successful in any destroyer and maybe even more important in the Yūgumo. You need to know where the enemy destroyers are, the position of your own fleet and which enemy ships are easy targets for your torpedoes. Ideally you want to be 3-5 km ahead of your team to spot for them and screen for torpedoes. Your main pray are battleships that sail broadside. Close the distance until about 6km and then launch your torpedoes. I like to use one set right on the marker and the other one slightly behind or ahead depending on the course of the target. After the launch, you should then turn away quickly and search for another victim. I don’t like to smoke up and fire my guns on the same target as the torpedoes because it alarms the ship of your presence and therefore it might change its course. Instead you should use the stealth fire window of your guns from a safe distance on a different target until your torpedoes are reloaded. Closing the game Towards the end of a match the battle timer and the point counter are very important. You also want to keep an eye on the hit points of your and the enemy’s remaining ships and then decide accordingly what is needed to win. You might need to get another cap, in other matches you have to kill the remaining enemy ships and sometimes all you have to do is not die. Communicate with your team and tell them what to do. Many players don’t pay enough attention to the circumstances and get carried away. I have lost too many matches because teams failed to “close out” the game properly. Gameplay video Now let’s see how all that transfers into a real battle. In that video, you will notice how I aggressively use my concealment advantage to get caps and provide spotting for my team. It also shows how devastating the F3 torpedoes are and how to use them. Final words Thank you for reading my short guide of the Yūgumo and I hope that I could provide some helpful insights for your battles in that amazing ship. Please let me know if I made any mistakes and help me out with constructive criticism.
  16. I was looking over the IJN DDs at http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ships_of_Japan, and noticed that the Yugumo was completely missing from the list and was nowhere to be found. I also noticed that the Shinonome was listed as a regular at Tier 6. I have never seen this before Is it something new? - as of 0.5.14? Comments??
  17. Three notes before I start: -this is historical content, not in-game content. Unless I say so I am not refering to the game -due to the fact that this is historical content, you might find this boring, if so, you were warned. You might want to leave now. -I tried to attach pictures but it ended up deleting my entire text without any chance of getting it back. In fact, this is my second attempt and now I've written it with OpenOffice. Two hours down the drain... EDIT: I have added pictures in the first comment. I will make a short note when you should look at the pictures. So what did the other navies look like before the Fubuki class made it's appearance? A look to four navies: US-Navy, Royal Navy, French Navy and Japanese Navy. The US-Navy was using the Clemson class to the time the Fubuki class was build. A slow and poorly armed class. Six Torpedos in a broadside and twelve Torpedos overall. The Royal Navy had build a prototype, the HMS Amazon, which had a good speed and an overall decent artillery. Her Torpedo armament consisted of six 53cm Torpedo Tubes which could fire to both sides. A much better, but also heavier Destroyer-class was used by the French Navy, the Chacal class. While being similar to the Clemson-class in terms of speed, she had a heavy main battery of five single mounted 13cm guns and six 55cm Torpedo tubes. The Japanese Mutsuki class had a moderate speed of 37kn while being armed with four 120mm guns. Special about her was the Torpedo armament which consisted of six 61cm Torpedo Tubes. What all these ships had in common were open mounts both with main guns and with Torpedo Tubes and no dual purpose artillery. Fubuki class: Displacement: 1.800 tons Speed: 38 kn Engine power: 50.000 hp Range: 9.300 km Length: 118 m Beam: 10 m Draft: 3.2 m Armament: 3x2 12.7 cm guns 3x3 61 cm Torpedo Tubes with one reload each 2x1 13.2 mm machine gun Now would be time to look at the Fubuki pic When the Fubuki was completed she was very different to other foreign ships of her size. Unlike with other Destroyers, her main battery turrets were fully closed and also air- and watertight. This allowed the usage of these guns even during heavy conditions without putting the gun crew at a risk. The next innovation was a main battery close to that of Light Cruisers. The Sendai class had a broadside of six 14cm guns, which is not that much better than Fubuki's six 12.7cm guns. Next change was a strong Torpedo armament. While other navies usually had six Torpedos ready per broadside the Fubuki had nine. The Fubuki class was divided into three sub-classes: the Fubuki class, the Ayanami class and the Akatsuki class. The Ayanami class featured an enlarged bridge and new gun turrets. These turrets allowed the seperate elevation of the guns up to 75° making them the first dual-purpose guns for a Destroyer. The Akatsuki had different boilers and a changed funnel while adding a protection to the Torpedo Tubes. Now the Torpedo mounts were splinter-proof and could be reloaded during action, also a new feature. Later modernizations of the Fubuki class included ballast to counteract their topheavieness (which raised their weight up to 2.400 tons) and additional AAA. The upper rear turret was removed and up to 22 25mm AA-guns and 10 13.2mm machine guns were added. Together the Fubuki class had overall 24 vessels that were build. Only two managed to survive the war. The Ushio (engl.: tide) and the Hibiki (engl.: echo). The Ushio was scrapped and the Hibiki continued her duty as the russian Destroyer Verniy (engl.: faithful). Another mention goes to the Miyuki (engl.: deep snow) but not because she survived but because she was the only special type Destroyer to be sunk before the outbrake of WW2. She collided with the Inazuma and was sunk. Hatsuharu class: Displacement: 1.500 tons Speed: 36 kn Engine power: 42.000 hp Range: 7.400 km Length: 110 m Beam: 10 m Draft: 3.4 m Armament: 2x2 + 1x1 12.7 cm guns 3x3 61 cm Torpedo Tubes (planned) one reload each 2x3 61 cm Torpedo Tubes (modified) one reload each 2x1 40 mm Vickers 2-pounder Here you could take a look at the Hatsuharu 1 Due to the Naval Treaty of London the IJN tried to make a Destroyer with a similar armament tp the Fubuki while trying to keep the displacement low. This ended in a rather topheavy design and the first two ship were modified. The modifications included the removal of one Torpedo launcher, moving the single mounted gun to the aft and lowering platforms and torpdo mounts as much as possible. The other four ships which were still under construction to that time were constructed like that as well. The gun mounts were the same mounts as are found on the Akatsuki class, making them able to fire at air targets. A special feature were their Torpedo reload systems. Behind each tube were boxes which contained one reload per tube. A trained crew could reload one Torpedo within 23 Seconds. And here is time for Hatsuharu 2 In order to increase the AA-capabilities, the single mounted gun and the 2-pounders were removed and replaced by up to 21 25mm AA-guns. On some ships the usage of 13.2mm machine guns is also reported. Six vessels of the Hatsuharu class were constructed. None of them survived the war. An special mention goes to Hatsushimo (engl.: first frost), which happened to survive the suicide mission Ten-Go just to sink to a mine shortly before the war ended. Shiratsuyu class: Displacement: 1.700 tons Speed: 34 kn Engine power: 42.000 hp Range: 7.400 km Length: 110 m Beam: 10 m Draft: 3.5 m Armament: 2x2 + 1x1 12.7 cm guns 2x4 61 cm Torpedo Tubes one reload each 2x1 13.2 mm machine guns I recomment looking at the Shiratsuyu pic here The Shiratsuyu class was originally planned as a part of the Hatsuharu class, but after the serious flaws of the Hatsuharu class were starting to show up, it was decided to rework the design and to avoid most of the problems. This makes the Shiratsuyu class different in three aspects. The first one is the Torpedo armament. The Shiratsuyu class was the first class of the IJN to carry quadruple Torpedo Tubes. Also she had a larger displacement resulting in a lower top speed. And lastly her second funnel is central while it was slightly moved to the right on the Hatsuharu. Like the Hatsuharu class the Shiratsuyu class had a Torpedo reload system for each Tube. Unlike the Hatsuharu class she carried a new gun mount for her main batteries which had different elevation angles. While the Hatsuharu could elevate her guns from -5° to 75°, the Shiratsuyu had the ability do depress her guns even further down to -7° but at the cost of being able to only elevate up to 55° making her guns unable to engage air targets. Later modifications of the Shiratsuyu class removed her single turret in exchange for up to 21 25mm AA-guns. Of the 10 Shiratsuyu class ships that were build none survived the war. In fact almost all were sunk until late 1944. Asashio class: Displacement: 2.400 tons Speed: 35 kn Engine Power: 50.000 hp Range: 10.600 km Length: 118 m Beam: 10 m Draft: 3.7 m Armament: 3x2 12.7 cm guns 2x4 61 cm Torpedo Tubes one reload each 2x1 25 mm AA-gun Now would be a good time to take a look at the Asashio picture After the Treaty of London stopped putting limitations on Japan plans were made to build a better Destroyer class than the Shiratsuyu class. Especially the operational range was not satisfying on the older Destroyers. So an even heavier class was planned that was supposed to displace more than 2.000 tons from the beginning. The turret placement from the Fubuki was used again while keeping the quadruple launchers from the Shiratsuyu class. The main guns were the same guns as the ones on the Shiratsuyu class making them unable to deliver AA-fire. Each Torpedo Tube had a reload locker behind it like on the preceeding two classes. Like all the other classes the surviving vessels of the Asashio class were modernized in 1943-1944 which meant that the upper rear main battery mount was removed to make space for more AA-guns. Up to 28 25mm AA-guns and 4 13.2mm machine guns were installed depending on the vessel. In total 10 Destroyers of the Asashio class were constructed. None of them witnessed the end of the war. Kagerou class: Displacement: 2.500 tons Speed: 35.5 kn Engine power: 52.000 hp Range: 9.300 km Length: 118.5 m Beam: 10.8 m Draft: 3.8 m Armament: 3x2 12.7 cm guns 2x4 61 cm Torpedo tubes one reload each 2x2 25 mm AA-gun Here could be a picture of the Kagerou. But I placed it below The Kagerou class was basicly a larger version of the Asashio class. Carrying a slightly more powerful powerplant resulted in a slightly increased speed. They remained the main battery mounts which were unable to provide AA-fire. Another change is that the Torpedo Tubes allowed the usage of the Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo. This Torpedo was without any doubt the most powerful Torpedo of WW2 due to it's combination of speed, range, explosive power and stealth. The addition of these Torpedos made them one of the most dangerous Destroyers of the war. In order to strenghen the AA-defenses the upper rear turret was removed and replaced by even more 25mm AA-guns. Up to 27 of these guns were carried along with up to 4 13.2mm machine guns. Of the 19 Destroyers that were build 18 were sunk and that sole survivor deserves an honorable mention. The Yukikaze (engl.: snowy sind) was perhabs the most lucky ship to ever sail the seas. It took part in almost all major battles of WW2 without taking serious damage and was also part of about 100 escort and supply missions. She even survived the suicide mission Ten-Go in which the superbattleship Yamato was sunk. She spend that last days of the war in a harbor where she also survived numerous air raids. If luck could be measured in percent the Yukiakze would sit very high at the top. Yuugumo class: Displacement: 2.500 tons Speed: 35.5 kn Engine power: 52.000 hp Range: 9.300 km Length: 119 m Beam: 10.8 m Draft: 3.8 m Armament: 3x2 12.7 cm guns 2x4 61 cm Torpedo Tubes one reload each 2x2 25 mm AA-guns A Yuugumo picture is in the comments. If you want look at it now Practicly the Yuugumo class was just a Kagerou class with one small change. That change related to the main battery mounts which received another upgrade. Now the elevation went back to 75° again while keeping the -7° depression. What should be added though and I should've said that earlier is that even though these guns could theoretically fire at air targets they were not really good at it. They could only be reloaded at certain angles which drastically reduced their rate of fire, there were no real fire control systems to direct the fire at high flying targets and the traverse speed was poor. So on paper these guns were dual purpose, but don't expect too much of them. As with all the other Destroyers as well these ships experienced similar modernizations. Up to 28mm AA-guns and up to 4 13.2mm machine guns were added. Also while I'm at it except for the 25mm single mounts all these guns were also of limited use. The 25mm had a poor rate of fire and when used in twin or tripple mounts the traverse speed was poor as well. The 13.2mm gun lacked the power to stop aircraft which made them virtually useless. The Yuugumo class is a good example of how hard the IJN had it during the war 19 ships were build, 19 were sunk. And the Yuugumo class was not a bad class on the contrary. There were worse ships that managed to survive the war with one example being the Kamikaze. Shimakaze: Displacement: 3.400 tons Speed: 39 kn Engine power: 75.000 hp Range: 11.000 km Length: 129.5 m Beam: 11.2 m Draft: 4.2 m Armament: 3x2 12.7 cm guns 3x5 61 cm Torpedo Tubes 3x2 25mm AA-guns Also a picture of the Shimakaze is in the comments The Shimakaze was a prototype of a new engine and along with that engine she also had some other interesting stuff. At first comes her outstanding speed. Constructed for a speed of 39kn, she reached 40.9kn during speed trials which is phenomenal. Sure there were other Destroyers who even went faster but not in the US-Navy and not in the IJN. Next important factor is the Torpedo armament. She carried three quintuple Torpedo Tubes which gave her the most devastating Torpedo broadside of the war. Combined with the Type 93 Oxygen Torpedos she was the strongest Destroyer afloat during WW2. Like the Yuugumo class she carried the modifed main battery turrets capable of engaging air targets. Druing her career her Anti-Aricraft-Armament was enhanced as well which gave her a final number of 28 25mm AA-guns. During an escort mission, Shimakaze was sunk by aircraft along three other destroyers and the five transport ships she was trying to protect, Akizuki class: Displacement: 3.750 tons Speed: 33 kn Engine power: 52.000 hp Range: 15.000 km Length: 134 m Beam: 11.6 m Draft: 4.15 m Armament: 4x2 100 mm guns 1x4 61 cm Torpedo Tubes one reload each 2x2 25mm AA-gun And here please take a look at the Akizuki picture The Akizuki class was the finest class the IJN made during the war. Their intention with this class was to make a class capable of protecting allies from air attacks while reducing the anti-ship weapons. The result is very good. The 100mm gun used on this class was the best Japan had developed. Unlike older guns the 10cm DP-gun was capable of firing 20 rounds per minute, at any angle. Together with the high muzzle velocity these guns were potent AA-weapons. The only downside was the short barrel life which is no problem as long as the ammunition stored does not exceep the barrel life. As for the short ranged AAA, the Akizuki used the same old 25mm AA-guns which were more of a downside. In terms of Torpedo armament the Akizuki was not nearly as powerful as other classes due to the fact that she only carried one quadruple launcher and one reload. In terms of speed she is also somewhat disappointing because she uses the same engine as those Destroyers that displace more than 1.000 tons less. Over the war many 25mm guns were added especially the single mounts. Up to 47 of them were mounted on them withoutany losses of main armament. This is a lot considering that there are even Cruiser who have less. As a comparison, the heavy Cruiser Suzuya carrier about 50 of these guns. Of the 12 ships of this class that were build BEFORE the war ended, six were sunk. This sounds like much, but we should consider that four ships didn't even see action so it's no surprise. The honorable mention here goes to the Akizuki (engl.: autumn moon). She was hit by a Torpedo from the USS Nautilus and managed to survive that hit (she was sunk during the war but not because of the Torpedo). There were other ships many times larger than her who could not take such a hit. Especially Taihou should be considered here. There was also another class of Destroyers. The Matsu class was supposed to be more cost-efficient which made them more like Destroyer Escorts. They should not be considered as Special type Destroyers. Dishonor!! My sources: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/index_weapons.php http://www.combinedfleet.com/dd.htm http://www.avalanchepress.com/Shimakaze.php and unfortunatly wikipedia was also involved The Sirene EDIT: RedBear87 pointed out some mistakes in this text that were corrected.
  18. Torps on the new IJN DDs

    Before I start: All numbers that I will use are still subject to change and were last checked on the 30th of September So the WoWs Wiki already provides us with some numbers on the new IJN DDs. In case you need evidence here is the link to the ship I will use as an example from now on: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Yugumo . Now what do we get from these numbers concerning the Torps? I will do a comparison to the USN T9 DD also called the Fletcher. Yugumo Fletcher Yugumo w Type F3 Fletcher Torpedo range 10km 10.5km 8km 10.5km Torp speed 67kn 66kn 76kn 66kn Torp damage 21k 19k 21k 19k Visibility 1.7km 1.4km 1.9km 1.4km Reload time 112s 106s 104s 106s Torp broadside 8 Torps 10 Torps 8 Torps 10 Torps Turning time is equal, I marked the better stats in blue. The unimportant differences got green. First the 10km Torps from the Yugumo: Some differences are very small so we can ignore them. Said differences are at the range, the speed, the damage and the reload time. The ones that are significant are the 300m visibility which can make and obvious difference and the Torps per broadside which will push up the dpm and the possible strike capacity by a lot. These two Torps can make a 15k damage differnce on an angled target, or to visualize that number, these two Torps could easily get rid of a Blyskawica. The differnce in Concealment of the ships is being canceled out by the .5km range difference. The Type F3s are quite interesting. Again we can easily ignore the damage and the reload time. The Type F3 increases it's advantage in speed by a significant number. However this comes at a price: You get a further increased Detection range (now we have a difference of 500m) and you lose a good amount of range. Now the range differnce is not that insignificant anymore. 2.5km mean that the Fletcher has a much better stealth Torping capacity. Without any Concealment upgrades (which would be available to both ships) the Fletcher has a 3km Stealth zone. The Yugumo has only one. Again the Fletcher can fire 25% more Torps at a broadside and overall which give her a higher dpm. Now some might say that the Yugumo might have a Torp advantage in some cases, and they might be right. But the Fletcher also has advantages over the Yugumo. I would not want to call them balanced between these two but it might be my biased opinion. So what else are the differences between these ships now that there is no clear Torp advantage for the Yugumo. Speed? Yugumo has 35.5kn, Fletcher has 36.5kn Turning? Yugumo turns in 640m with a rudder of 3.6s, Fletcher 560m with 3s Firepower? Stop it already! (Yugumo has a total dpm of 132.300, Fletcher offers us 171.000) AAA? Do I need to say this? (just remember Def Fire) Health? Yugumo has 15.500, Fletcher has 17.100 Firing range? Yugumo 11.1km, Fletcher 12.9km Fire chance? There the Yugumo beats the Fletcher by 4%! Maybe she is a fire starter after all? It does not look good for the Yugumo. It does not look good. The Sirene