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Found 2 results

  1. At 10:25 mark. That was a T10 plane against Gearing's long ranged AA (and maybe a bit of medium range) and Bismarck's. If you check the cloud pattern, you'll see that the flak that caused this to happen appeared right in front of those planes, that didn't have time to dodge. THIS is why flak is hard to balance, because even if a single flak gets in front of a squad, they're gone, no matter the tier. And THIS is why you want to go in pairs, because even if the other player doesn't have good AA, the flak mechanic changes when 2 AA zones overlap, making it so it's possible to create those "undodgeable" flaks, I remember around in 0.8.2 that my 12 TBs got annnihilated by a flak wall from a Grozovoi and Shimakaze...yes...you heard it right, Shimakaze. THIS probably also showns that DFAA is working as intended but since I never used it I can't talk much about it. Just a random rant since most anti-CV still think that AA is useless and can't use it to defend other players and think that "flak is pure RNG", well, guess what? Citadelling some ships are pretty much RNG, think of those flak walls as "Citadels against planes", add to the fact that there are also a chance to "citadel" because the enemy CV didn't want to dodge (or couldn't because of big squad).
  2. Is it Seal Clubbing, OR is it providing a critical educational experience? You be the judge....